Thursday, November 18, 2010

Okay, so maybe I was wrong about Felix

Within two hours of me voicing my displeasure on King Felix's Cy Young win, I've gotten a few defenseful, and somewhat angry comments. And I'm still pissed about the whole "Felix only won 13 games, so naturally he deserves a Cy Young" thing. But maybe I should rethink my viewpoint a little bit thanks to the few of you that bothered to make me.

Maybe most of you people are right. I mean, CC had a hell of a season, that's for sure, but Felix seemed to dominate the mound a lot more from your perspective. I mean...if anybody was gonna win it besides CC, I would have said David Price, but apparently the MLB voted for the person who flat out dominated, despite the complete failure of his team.

Hell, that's why they gave Andre Dawson the MVP in 87. Sure, the Cubs sucked back then, but Dawson was a hell of a player on a hard luck team. So Andre was rightfully rewarded the Cy Young. And last year, we had Zach Grienke and Tim Lincecum winning the Cy Youngs. Both of them were standout pitchers in hard luck teams (For the Freak, the tables have indeed turned), and were deservingly honored as the best pitchers of the year.

About Felix...I'm not saying he's a better pitcher than Roy Halladay (which he isn't), but in the terms of strikeouts, and all other things that matter BESIDES WINS (His record was 13-12), he was pretty good. And according to you, he deserves the mantle of Cy Young.

Hell, it's arguable that Steve Bedrosian and John Denny didn't deserve their Cy Youngs with the Phils, but if I even utter that around here, I could get arrested.

So look...if you people really think that Felix Hernandez deserved the Cy Young, I have nothing against you. In terms of wins, CC Sabathia should have won. In terms of overall power and wowing ability, Felix did win. Which proves that nobody gives a damn anymore if you won 20 games in a season.

The fact is that according to this New York based mind of mine, the New York pitcher that won more games than anybody else should have won. But everyone is entitled to their opinion (No matter how judgemental it is, like some people I know).

Tomorrow, I'll make you people proud, and make a new Felix custom.

But if Cliff Lee lands in Boston, you're getting another angry rant.


  1. Both players had amazing seasons... but I'd be lying if I said that I was mad that Felix won. The Yankees have the most WS pennants... they don't need another award (in my opinion)... Congratulations goes out to all Mariners fans out there... it's your turn to celebrate.

    I look forward to checking out the Felix custom.

  2. I don't have a problem with Felix getting the Cy. You're absolutely right that there are a bunch of guys that won the award as a one-season-wonder, primarily on the strength of their only 20+ win efforts (I'm looking at you, LaMarr Hoyt).

    I do think it's unrealistic for some to expect results like Felix got this year to be up to the standard of Steve Carlton '72 (27-10, a ridiculous WAR of over 12), or even that of Cliff Lee (22-3 for a 3rd place .500 Cleveland club in '08).

    Lincecum set the standard last year for how win/loss is no longer an easy #1 determining factor for the award. In today's era of five-man-rotations, tight pitch counts, and full middle relief bullpens, a win for a starter has become a much more elusive achievement.

    Now if only Gold Glove awards would similarly step out of the cave and see the light of rationality, they might actually go to great fielders more frequently.

  3. Andre Dawson won a Cy Young? ;o)

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