Thursday, November 18, 2010

Now wait a minute...

21 wins, and a postseason run. Sure, he didn't make the Series, but he's arguably the best pitcher in the AL

13 wins, last place in the division. His team didn't do much this year. WHY THE HELL DOES THIS GUY WIN THE CY YOUNG AWARD????????
And I don't want any sympathy posts, like "He had so much more strikeouts". I don't wanna hear it. CC should have won, and they instead give it to Felix. Why? Just...just WHY?


  1. Because Wins is an absoutly useless stat for a pitcher (and postseason isn't supposed to be taken into account for voting purposes). If a pitcher plays on an aweful team than he isn't going to get many wins. Since the Cy Young is about the pitcher an not the team it shouldn't count twards the voting.

    If you don't beleive me look at Nolan Ryan's 87 stats. In 87 he only won 8 games. But he led the league with a 2.87 ERA and had 270 strike outs. He only gave up 6.5 hits per 9 innings, walked 3.7 per 9 innings and struck out 11.5 per 9 innings. One killer season and he only won 8 games.

    This year Felix's numbers were just plain better than CC's he had better numbers in the following catigories: ERA, IP, CG, H/9, BB/9, SO/9, SO/BB, and R. R= Runs Allowed. Basicly bet him in every catigory there was but wins.

  2. Why would CC get it over Price? To quote you "I don't want any sympathy posts, like (CC) had so much more strikeouts". Price had an ERA 40 points better, Price had a better winning percentage. Rays record when Price started - 23-8. Yanks record when CC started - 23-11. Head to head - they dueled twice, with Price going 1-0 while CC was 0-1. And Price's team won the division. So strikeouts is about the only way CC is ahead of Price.

    Cy Young Award is the "Best Pitcher in the League". Not the best pitcher on the team with the best record (which would be Price, not CC anyways). Not the best pitcher on Not Most Valuable Pitcher. Not best pitcher on the Yankees. I think Felix deserves it, but to argue CC deserves the award is forgetting about another guy who was clearly better than Sabathia.