Friday, November 26, 2010

2010 Topps Update Rack Packs

Today was my birthday. I'm not gonna make a big deal of it, since I'm pretty young (still in my teenage years), but I'm still not the youngest cardblogger out there. But, I will say that was enough to bring me into Target on the biggest shopping day of the year, to get some rack packs (I also threw in 1 regular pack as well, because the $ was burning a hole in my pocket. Now, the results:

Regular Pack:
69- Lance Cormier
275- Hong Chih Kuo, representing the 1st ever Taiwanese player to be an All Star. My dentist will love that one.
101- Jake Westbrook
43- Brennan Boesch RD
29- Livan Hernandez (And he shall be a good man...)
184- Blake DeWitt
81- Rich "Not the NFL Network Guy" Harden
190- John Lackey.
Pee Wee Reese mini.
CODE CARD! Let's see who I get:
1999 Jason Kendall. Not THAT bad. At least I've heard of the guy, and at least it's a sweet picture.

Rack Pack 1-
92- Pedro Felciano
155- Pudge Rodriguez.
167- Ramon Santiago
232- Jason Kendall, speak of the devil
102- Chris Carter
294- Aaron Heilman.
59- Jeanmar Gomez
54- Akinori Iwamura, this time in a real Pirates uni
268- Logan Morrison
69- Lance Cormier GOLD #'d to 2010. Bleah
CODE CARD! Let's see who I get:
1954 ROY MCMILLAN. Nice. A vintage card of another player I'd heard of.
Turkey Red of Christy Matthewson
281- Jose Valverde AS
56- Matt Holliday HRD
187- Checklist
156- Matt Thornton
194- Vernon Wells AS
104- Paul Konerko AS
99- JOSE BAUTISTA. Fun Fact- Jose was with 4 teams in 2004- Orioles, Rays, Royals and finally Pirates.
147- Argenis Diaz
166- Jon Garland
138- Brandon League
283- Kevin Frandsden
270- Vlad Guerrero AS
28- Bill Hall
55- Starsberg RD
311- Felix Doubront
Peak Performance of J-Hey
Yo Mamma card of Arod, Nomah and Jetah Shortstops.
290- Justin Verlander AS
161- Holliday AS
153- Brian McCann AS
220- Jon Lester AS
24- CL
247- Swisher HRD

Rack Pack 2-
103- Matt Tuiasosopo
115- Brad Lincoln
79- Johnny Gomes
310- Derek Jeter AS
261- Jason Vargas
297- Don Kelly
140- John Hamilton
27- Koyie "Say my name 10 times fast and it sounds like you're hyperventilating" Hill
208- Jeff Keppinger GOLD #'d to 2010. Bleah
MY THIRD CODE CARD! Let's see who I get:
Huh. Doug Rau 1980. It's amazing, I just traded a Doug Rau 1976 away for something, and now I got another Rau.
Turkey Red Pee Wee Reese
3- Sam Demel rookie
78- Jon Link rookie
109- Luke Hughes
213- Alex Gonzalez
309- Andruw Jones
169- Ryan Ludwick
102- Chris Carter
142- Mike Canmeron
151- Kerry Wood
82- Emanuel Burriss
294- Another Aaron Heilman
59- Another Jeanmar Gomez
54- Another Aki Iwamura
268- And another Logan Morrison. Great collation, Topps!
159- Ocatvio Dotel
Lineage- Rod Carew and Robinson Cano. That's about right.
Yo Mamma of 2001 Vladimir Guerrero
87- Trevor Plouffe
209- Bengie Molina
66- Ronnie Belliard
212- Mitch Talbot
273- John Jaso
89- Frank Herrmann

Well, it was an okay rip. There was good code cards, and Yo Mamma, but STILL NO ROOKIE STRASBURGS!

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