Monday, February 28, 2011

Contest Winnings from Crinkly Wrappers

Today I found a package in the mail that I had been waiting for for a week. I had been in Florida for the past few days, working with my dad on a shoot (more details on that later). I saw that my winnings from Crinkly Wrappers' contest had arrived. Inside would be a card from every Topps set since 1952, and some Yankees stuff.

Yankee stuff of note-
2010 Turkey Red Thurman Munson. Great card, of a young, beardless Thurm.
Obak 2010 Mike Coolbaugh, an up-and-comer for the Yanks.
1991 O-Pee-Chee Kevin Maas. Wow.
4 Yo Mamma cards- 2004 Thome/Schmidt, 1966 Robin Roberts, 1993 Thomas and 1957 Yogi/Mantle. Awesome.
2009 Legendary Cuts Sabathia, Wang, Jeter and Rivera. Cool.
2009 Icons Wang and Rivera. I liked that set, so those are great.
A few 206 Mickey Mantles
some Topps stuff from the past few years.

And now, my account of every Topps card pulled from the package, in chronological order-

1952 Tookie Gilbert
1953 Preston Ward
1954 Jerry Lane
1955 Bob Turley (1st Yankee)
1956 Norm Zauchin (booooo)
1957 Milt Boling
1958 Frank Bolling (Heh. Both Bolling brothers)
1959 Jim Pisoni
1960 Jack Striker
1961 Willie Tasby
1962 Jim Owens (Phirst Phillie)
1963 Gene Green
1964 Jim Cooker
1965 John Bateman
1966 Rick Reichart
1967 Tom Haller
1968 Tom Phoebus
1969 Bob Tillman
1970 Ron Stone
1971 Tom Dukes
1972 Ron Taylor
1973 Ed Farmer
1974 Aurelio Monteagudo
1975 Bill North
1976 Cesar Cedeno (First person I've heard of)
1977 George Medich
1978 Roy Howell
1979 Garry Maddox.
1980 Ron Davis
1981 Rick Sutcliffe
1982 Danny Ainge
1983 Jack Clark. Nice.
1984 Claudell Washington
1985 Joe Carter
1986 Tim Wallach
1987 Butch Wynger
1988 Joe Magrane
1989 Will Clark
1990 Mike Pagliarulo
1991 Dave Parker
1992 Kenny Lofton Damn near a rookie
1993 George Brett
1994 Mark Grace.
1995 John Wetteland. Nice shot
1996 JT Snow
1997 Lenny Dykstra
1998 Fernando Vina
1999 Todd Walker
2000 Vladdie Guerrero
2001 Charles Johnson
2002 Mike Remlinger
2003 Dmitri Young, himself a card collector
2004 Carlos Beltran
2005 Nice shot of Jeromy Burnitz
2006 Nick Swisher
2007 Chad Billingsley
2008 Carl Crawford
2009 Cody Ransom
2010 Ichiro
2011 Ryan Braun

Wow. That was awesome. I hope My Mother doesn't throw out those cards. Thank you Crinkly Wrappers for the awesome contest winnings.They will be great in my collection.

Speaking of contests, there may be one coming on this blog in the next month. Maybe...

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