Saturday, February 19, 2011

500th Post! 2011 Pack Rip!

Today, more than 2 years after starting the blog, I've reached 500 posts. I know, I'm not the most consistent poster, but at least when the season kicks in I'll be making a lot of customs. Right now, I have the 4 pack + a code card thing, and 2 rack packs, all full of Series 1.

Pack 1-
275- Clayton Kershaw
172- Lyle Overbay
163- Carlos Pena
254- Red Sox rookie
134- Leaders
Mini of Brando Morrow.
Bernie Williams Cards Your Momma Threw Out That Aren't as Important as The Other Ones.
HanRam Topps Town
56- Johan Santana
139- Eric Young Jr.
167- Clay Hensley

Pack 2-
4 doubles in a row (not of the same guy)
49- Angels
198- Buster Posey.
7- Mickey Mantle.
135- Mike Stanton SHINY CARD!
Starlin Castro tt
246- John Lannan.
264- Ryan Perrt
228- Scott Rolen

Pack 3-
3 more doubles
29- Josh Hamilton MVP
117- Brett Sinkbeil
91- Lucas May
245- Omar Vizquel, who should be retired by now.
Man-Ram Topps 60
Ryan Braun tt
97- Carlos Gomez
244- Mike Aviles
233- Ramon Hernandez

Pack 4-
131- Kevin Kouzmanoff
121- Brandon Inge
35- Shin-soo Choo
196- Jose CEDAGIIVE?
249- Aaron Harang
236- Nelson Cruz
Rogers Hornsby/Matt Holliday duo
Andre Dawson 1981 Reprint
278- Marco Scutaro
84- Roger Bernadina

This thing contained a code card. Let's see who I get:
1989 Bob Melvin of the San Francisco Giants. Eh, at least I've heard of him, but it's still 89 Topps.

Rack Pack 1-
(The first part of this pack contained 11 base cards I already had. Grrrrr
Jimmie Foxx 1934 Goudey thing
Pedrioa TT
(The rest of that section has 4 more doubles. Why did I even bother?
209- Carlos Santana. Wow, a card I don't have!
(This was followed by 7 cards I did have. Crap)
125- Evan Meek, #'d to 2011.
Jeff Keppinger Shiny Card.
Ike Davis and Ryan Braun
Tommy Hanson Topps 60
Carlton Fisk reprint
119- Jason Bay.
220- Todd Helton
(This pack was played off by 3 cards I did have. Worst rack pack ever)

Rack Pack 2, which better be collated better-
302- Adrian Beltre
106- Feliz Pie
281- Kevin Slowey
289- Yuniesky Betancourt
52- Rays
83- Greg Halman, who was never married to Cher
132- Brian Duensing
187- Brewers
51- David Eckstien
235- Leaders
Babe Ruth reprint thing
Joe Mauer tt
142- Johnny Cueto
162- Ronny Cedeno
1- Ryan Braun
23- Jaime Garcia
44- Martin Prado
55- Matt Joyce
30- Gio Gonzales
330- Derek Jeter
31- Erick Aybar
213- Brandon Snyder
165- Jeremy Hellickson
298- Jeff Keppinger
96- Zach Duke
16- Aramis Ramirez GOLD NUMBERED TO 2011
David Eckstein Shiny card
vladdie mini
Killebrew/Thome duo
Ryan Braun Topps 60
Manny Ramirez 2001 reprint
100- Albert Freaking Pujols

Well, there you have it. A few good packs and a crappy one. But still, 500 posts of okay sports blogging can amount to things like that.


  1. Congratulations on your 500th post ! I would be interested in the Jimmy Foxx and any others in the CMGR insert set if you don't want them. Also any Indian duplicates.I'll check my CYMTO's for you.