Sunday, February 6, 2011

NFL Experience: Awesome Swag from Topps

Yesterday, being that I was in Dallas the day before the Super Bowl, I ventured out to the NFL Experience, which is basically Comic Con for Football. Topps had a boooth, and had a bunch of football cards on sale. However, my dad works with a guy who also works with Topps, and does some business with them. So all we had to do was say the word, and Topps would give us some swag. Well, thanks to the very nice people at the Topps booth, we were given three hobby boxes:

2010 Topps Chrome Football
2010 Topps Prime Football
2010 Topps Magic Football

Delightfully, I ripped all three. Here are my reports from the box breaks:

You know the deal. Chrome was crappy this year because some of the cards were bent. Still, I was guaranteed a bunch of refractors, inserts and an auto.

Lineage: 6 (Harvin, LaFelkl, Best, McCoy, McCluster, Addai.
Bowman: 2 (Tebow, Edwards)
Rookie Reprints: 4 (Montana, McCoy, Dorsett, Marshall
Refractors: 7 (Tony Gonzalez, Percy Harvin, Joe Flacco, Julius Peppers, Jonathan Stewart, Andre Roberts, Jimmy Graham.
Blue Refractor: Javier Arenas rookie
Autograph: Armanti Edwards rookie.

Overall: Not too bad. At least I've heard of Edwards, but I could've done better.

This product is the definition of a premium set. There were no packs, there were heavily protected mondo packets. I regard these as "Cards for the Kings". I was guaranteed 1 Auto, 2 relics and 1 auto/relic.

Numbered to 999: 3 (Earl Thomas, Golden Tate, Sean Lee)
Numbered to 699: 2 (Rolando McClain, Mike Kafka)
Numbered to 199: 1 (Kellen Winslow)
Numbered to 75: 1 (Joe McKnight)
Single Insert: 2 (Marcus Easley, Ben Tate)
Double Insert: 2 (Dwyer/Sanders, Tebow/Thomas)
Triple Insert: 4: (Peterson/Johnson/Jones-Drew, Spiller/Mathews/Best, McCoy/Hardesty/Mitchell, Tebow/Cooper/Hernandez)
Quadruple Insert: 2 (Bradford/Tebow/Bryant/Thomas, Bradford/Tebow/Spiller/Mathews)
Autograph: Jordan Shipley of the Bengals, #'d to 599.
Single Relic: Armanti Edwards, #'d to 420.
Quadruple Relic: Tim Tebow/Sam Bradford/Jimmy Claussen/Colt McCoy #'d to 175. Wow.
Relic/Auto: Demaryius Thomas #'d to 399.

Overall: Not bad at all. That Quad relic is going to be worth a lot if all of them are great. Good box.

This is not a set for relics and autos- this is mainly about design and collectability. I wasn't caring about the hits, mainly because I love this set because of the design, and the packs.

Black Border Minis: 5 (Benson, McCoy, Gibson, Gonzalez, Harrison
Numbered Mini: ADRIAN PETERSON Numbered to FIFTY!!!! WOW!!!
Rookie Stars: 4 (Gronkowski, Benn, Gresham, Mathews)
History's Best: 2 (Elway, Brady)
Magical Moments: 7 (Greene, Favre, Romo, Wilson, Brees, Tomlinson, Jackson.
Autographs: James Davis of the Browns, Quan Cosby of the Bengals, MARSHAWN LYNCH of the Seahawks.

Overall: Very nice set, and impressed with not only the Lynch auto, but the Peterson numbered.

Thank you to Topps for supplying me with these boxes, aall three were very good, exactly what I expect from Topps.

(BTW- If you're interested in any of these cards, drop me a line. I can decline, if I want to keep some. But if you really want one for your team collection, I can make that happen.

Tonight: THE SUPER BOWL! Pictures included!

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