Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Custom Card of the Morning: Jones Edition

Two seasons after defying the odds and being really, really good, the Orioles...well, the Orioles are doing okay.

I mean, they're not shattering any records, they're not doing incredibly well. They're just...kinda there, kinda still in it. The Yankees and Blue Jays are circling the top of the division, while the Orioles seem to be bopping around the middle.

That isn't to say that the team is bad. Nelson Cruz is hitting the living crap out of the ball. Chris Davis has been hitting a nice amount of home runs. Adam Jones, as usual, is putting up a bid for an All Star spot. Rookie Jonathan Schoop has been doing beautifully in place of Brian Roberts. So, the pieces are there, but the problems are in the pitching, and the fact that some of the other teams are pretty good.

I don't know if the Orioles are going to get any better or any worse, but as long as people like Adam Jones keep playing well, they'll be fine.

Coming Tomorrow- He just got off the DL, and he's throwing fire for a surprisingly surging AL Central team.

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