Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Taking it Out on Someone Else


From what I can gather, the New York Yankees really pissed Houston off.

It's just been pooling. We swept 'em last year. Then we sweep 'em at home with an all-new, all-different Yankee team, make them start the season 0-4 despite the promise of another contending year, and make a mockery of Jose Altuve. And considering all the times the Astros have pissed us off, I think they're due. Y'know, let them be the ones who get fleeced now. We did our time.

But yeah, the Astros were angry, and they're so angry that you put them against another team and they run wild. Last night, the Astros not only scored 10 runs against a very good Blue Jays team, but they started a rookie with 7 starts to his name and he didn't allow a single hit. Ronel Blanco, who even I can admit felt like a stretch for a starting option this year, went 108 pitches, allowed 2 walks, and kept the Blue Jays missing all night, keeping the bullpen at bay. 

It is wild to me that this is the first Astros win of the season. A Ronel Blanco no-hitter against the Blue Jays. And I bet they wish the Yankees were still in town. I bet they wish they didn't get out so easily. Like they want to wage war on the Yankees by no-hitting the next best team, going 'try that again in Houston and see what happens'. 

Look, it'd be funny if the Yankees mopped the floor with them in the playoffs after this. This has extreme 'divorced dad punching a hole in the wall' energy, and you have to appreciate that. 

I'm happy for Ronel Blanco. Best case scenario this is the beginning of a bright career for this guy. Worst case scenario last night proves why players can't throw solo no-hitters anymore.

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