Thursday, June 20, 2024

Marsh Lands


The Royals seem to have a lot figured out. This year so far has been the perfect balance of homegrown youth success [Brady Singer, Maikel Garcia, Michael Massey] and key acquisitions [Cole Ragans, Seth Lugo, Garrett Hampson], all behind Witt and Perez. And yet the funny thing is that as this rotation was set up, one of the people I didn't think much of has become something of a secret weapon for them.

Because in the Spring, you could see what this rotation was becoming, and I was going 'alright, so Brady Singer, Seth Lugo and Michael Wacha are gonna be up here in the front, then Cole Ragans if he's for real, and then Kyle Wright whenever he shows up, and I guess Daniel Lynch takes the last spot. I didn't think there was much room for Alec Marsh, who started some games last year in KC. And yet, as Wright got hurt, and Lynch struggled in spring starts, Marsh moved his way up in the depth chart and wound up starting out of camp.

So far, despite a slight injury break, Alec Marsh has had some really nice moments this year. The moment that put him on my radar was holding the Yankees to 1 hit during the series we had with them. He's a nice durable arm, he goes late into games, only recently he's been getting blown up but he hasn't made a habit of it. He's a nice extra guy to have around, and even if Royals fans would prefer to get Kris Bubic back, he's a decent trade-off. He's struggled more than a lot of Royals starters, but I just see what he can do when he's really on, and I think they're gonna see a lot more of that as they go. 

That's really why the Royals have felt so strong this year, even the depth options are feeling better realized. We've already gone over the fact that Freddy Fermin, the backup catcher, could be a starter on any other team. Nick Loftin is coming into his own at 2nd while covering for Massey. Sam Long has been impressive in his first 10 games in middle relief. Dairon Blanco, the go-to pinch runner, has 14 stolen bases. Even if the outfield isn't great, Kyle Isbel's still an excellent defensive weapon, taking after Alex Gordon honestly. There's so much more to this team than there used to be, and having Bobby Witt in the midst of a prime season certainly helps that.

The real tricky part is gonna be getting past the Guardians, but I think Bobby Witt right now is better than Jose Ramirez. May be controversial, but there you go.

Coming Tonight: The Dodgers didn't have room for him, but he's certainly gotten going in Chicago. 

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