Sunday, June 9, 2024

Mitch Count


It is wild to me that, despite the call-ups, despite the injuries, despite the fact that this is still the Pirates, that I can say confidently that the 2024 Pirates have a solid core four at the top of the rotation. 

And look, the way things were looking for a bit, the Pirates might have actually made things work with Martin Perez and Marco Gonzales. But, y'know, Gonzales got injured, as he tends to, and Perez followed. So there is one definite vacancy in this rotation one that, I assume, after yesterday will be going to Luis Ortiz. But the fact that the other four guys are all doing well, and that one of them is Bailey Falter, is wild to me.

From his first few starts this year, I was worried that Mitch Keller's incoming last season was a false sign, but he evened out and now he's the best player on the Pirates again. In 13 starts he's 8-3 with a 3.16 ERA and 74 Ks, 2 behind Jared Jones. Keller has matured into someone who can head up this rotation, work til long into the game, and keep delivering results. It took him a WHILE to get here, and there were like three seasons of 'hmmm, I'm not sure of this' stuff from Keller. But now all of the people that Keller leaned upon as a younger member of this rotation, including Jameson Taillon, Chad Kuhl, Trevor Williams, Joe Musgrove and J.T. Brubaker, are all elsewhere. Some, including Taillon and Williams, are having great seasons. And now Keller might have eclipsed them all. 

Keller, Jones and Skenes have been super strong all month. And now Bailey Falter's joined them, which, again, is wild. Not that he was bad in Philly, at best he was serviceable, but I never really expected him to do much in other markets. Then again I said the same thing about Nick Pivetta, and this trade similarly screwed us [what's Rodolfo Castro even up to, anyway?]. Falter's got a 3.69 ERA, but a 1.039 WHIP. He's not striking out many people, but he's just not giving up many runs either. Falter isn't flashy, but he's certainly doing his job, and I think the Pirates appreciate it.

The Pirates currently being in last isn't especially an indictment on them, they're only 3 games under .500, but more a statement on everyone in this division besides Milwaukee. The Cubs, Reds, Cardinals and Pirates are all within a half game of each other. All in varying stages of momentum. Reds gaining ground, Cubs gaining ground, etc. The Pirates are sort of on the up-and-up, and are seeing more stuff from Oneil Cruz, Connor Joe, Rowdy Tellez and Ke'Bryan Hayes. They also did really well against the Dodgers, something I can NOT SAY FOR THE YANKEES THUS FAR. The Pirates get to play the Cardinals this week, and they're on the way down. It could be an opportunity to regain the upper hand in the Central, especially considering that the Cardinals have yet to face Paul Skenes. 

I want the Pirates to do well, just because it feels like they deserve something like this. With this pitching, there's a chance. 

Coming Tonight: I'm still not sure if this guy falls into the David Ortiz category of 'I hate him because he's so good', or if I just hate him. 

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