Sunday, March 1, 2009

2009 Topps Walmart Cereal

I got a Cereal pack at Walmart just to see if I could get any of the black cards that everyone's babbling about. Had Babe Ruth on it, a sign of good luck.

Here we go

135- Carlos Delgado. I guess we got the pack off to a good start.
82- Miguel Cairo. Utility guy that used to be a Yankee, and Met. Groan.
240- Ryan Braun. Ugh. Braun looks so lazy in this one.
133- Brandon Jones. Who?
160- Evan Longoria. That's the spirit! We have the card that I've been wanting from the start of the rip.
305- Ivan Rodriguez. YANKEE! But, I already have him.
59- Eric Gagne. Have him.
289- Josh Banks. Who?
41- Mike Mussina. YANKEE- But I already have him, too! Can't I get people that I don't already have? That are Yankees?
239- Brandon League. Who?
235- Chad Billingsley. I think I might have this one.
69- Rich Aurillia. Have him.
303- Zach Duke. Have him.
244- Sean Rodriguez. Have him. Can I get an ALEX?
111- Troy Percival. Have him, I think. DAMMIT!
188- Josh Bard. Have him.
21- Jack Wilson. Have him.
118- Josh Johnson. Have him.
79- David Eckstien. Have him. AUUUUGHH!
114- Chris Dickerson. Who?
162- Mike Cameron. AHA! Now we have someone who COULD HAVE been a Yankee.
25- Jon Lester. BOOOOOO!
246- Postseason Highlights- Rays. Right idea, wrong team.
259- League Leaders. Lincecum, Santana and Haren.
278- Postseason Highlights- Phils. Can we actually get a PLAYER?
227- Freddy Sandoval. Who?
145- Alex Gordon. Okay, now we have something.
Josh Hamilton Topps Town. Have him.
Legends of the game Mickey Mantle. Have him.
Turkey Red Christian Guzman. UGGGGHHHHH!
208-James MacDonald. Have him.
202- Gaby Sanchez. Who?
267- Michael Bowden. WHOOOOOOOOOO!?!?
191- Postseason Highlights- Shane Victorino. Have him, I think.
224- Max Scherzer. Have him.
12- Andrew Carpenter. Have him, and he only played one game.
22- Classic Combos Longoria and Pr- Hell, this is sounding like an exact repeat of my last pack.
183- Jason Michaels. Worst. Face. Ever.
141- Mark Teahen. Getting better.
44- Barack Obama- Oh, I mean Geoff Jenkins. PHILLIE!!
175- Jeff Smard- Smardi- Uh, Jeff Smarty Pants. Looks pretty good.
232- Gabe Kapler. Yawn.
32- Daric Barton. Who?
219- Shin-Soo- Choo.
181- Jerry Manuel. Please, no more Mets.
87- Brad Hawpe. Yawn again.
220- Jay Bruce. Have him.
48- Mike Napoli. Yawn.
280- Joe Saunders. Who?
99- Juan Castro.
279- Ryan Chruch.
215- Ian Kinsler.
296- Reid Brignac. Come on!!!
298- Johnathan Van Every. BOOOOOOOO!
And Finally, 204, Andy Sonnastine.

This sucked. My only chance is my Legends Chrome Refractor.
And it is...


(Ric Flair is suing me after this post.)

Anyway, it was an okay box of Cereal, with a big hit and some big misses.

Hope to be eating more Topps Cereal soon.

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