Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hitting the Target

Back in my BMC period (Before Mint Condition), I used to take time out of my Sundays to get a few packs of cards and Target. Whether it was Timeline or Heritage, or even Upper Deck, I still got it.

Today, while out with my friends, we went over to that Target, and I got three packs. 2 packs of Heritage, 1 pack of Upper Deck. I haven't opened the packs yet, and am excited.

Let's rip.

We'll start with the UD

45- Daisuke Matsuzaka. BOOOOOOOOOO!
76- Rich Harden. Decent player from back when the A's rotation was full of people- unlike today, where they only have one semi-good guy.
10- Chris Young. Meh.
199- Rafael Furcal. Dumb move, Dodgers, dumb move
101- Jeff Keppinger. Who?
164- Brian Bannister. Great player, hard to believe the Mets gave him up. BTW, glad that UD isn't using the Royals baby-blue-pajamas uniforms for their cards. Thank a lot, Topps!
403- Jonathon Niese- Speaking of rookie greats the Mets gave up, this may be the next one.
457- Dodgers Team Leaders. Billingsley, Kemp and Loney.
UD Anniversary 442- Some Hockey card. Wait- HOCKEY IN A BASEBALL CARD PACK?
447- Rockies team leaders- Holliday, Cook and Taveras- only one of which is still on the team.
498- Jack Cust Team Checklist. Why does Upper Deck always have checklists on players?
232- Delmon Young. Sweet!
249- Pedro Martinez. Currently teamless and looking for means of employment.
283- Daric Barton. Who?
266- Melky Cabrera. YANKEE IN DA HOUSE!
332- Felix Hernandez. Decent pitcher.
400- Jesus Flores. Worst. Name. Ever!
349- Jason Isringhausen. Also currently teamless

Now for the Heritage.

Pack one-
146- Ramon Ramirez Rookie. Who?
112- Scott Lewis Rookie. Sorry, could we at least have a Fred? Or Randy?
44- Barack Oba- I mean Dana Eveland. Sorry. Still crazy about those gimmicks.
94- Yovanni Gallardo. Good pitcher.
432- Glen Perkins short print. Good find, bad player.
423- Brian Bucher. Who?
74- Marlon Byrd. The Phils HAD this guy, and then BAM! He was gone!
227- Eric $%^$^%$%^$ Wedge.

Pack 2-
144- Matt Antonelli Rookie. Who?
421- Bengire Molina. NO GIMMICK? WHAAAAA?
New Age Performers of Josh Hamilton. WOOOOOOO!
493- 08 All Star (Legen...) Ichiro (Wait for it) Short print (...Dary!)
267- Hank Blalock. Sweet.
229- Kaz Matsui. Good player, YET ANOTHER ONE THE METS GAVE AWAY!!!
158- Gregor Blanco. Ugh.
219- Bob $%^$%$$ Geren. I HATE MANAGER CARDS!!!

All in all, it was a great couple of packs, and I hope to be ripping more soon.

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