Tuesday, March 17, 2009

2009 Upper Deck Series 1

A few nights ago, I went to a barmytsfah, and one of the little favors they gave out were baseball card packs. I only got one, but it's enough to garner a post

Let's rip

70- Ryan Theriot. He's okay, but not great. May or may not add him to my "book"
5- Orlando Hudson. Now with the Dodgers. Still one of the best 2B's in the game.
68- Ted Lilly. Another okay Cub. Again, not really that good.
184- Howie Kendrick. Great guy, hopes to be Angels top dog soon.
168- Tony Pena- the one on the Royals. Meh, as Dayf might say.
121- Jason Grilli. Okay, but not Jason Propane Elaine-i
438- Padres Team Leaders. Gonzalez, Peavy and Giles.
Yankee Stadium Lunacy Robinson Cano. Sweet.
UD Documentary James Shields. Why, oh why, did UD brinf this mediocre series back?
417- George Kottaras. WHOOOOOOOO???
481- Brandon Phillips Checklist. Decent Second Baseman.
300- Jamie Moyer. Philly great- WOOOOOO!
234- Craig Monroe. Good player, just not what he used to be.
210- Clayton Kershaw. NIIIIIICE!
318- Kevin Kouzmanoff. Good player.
389- Shannon Stewart. These days. Mr. Stewart is a nomad.
372- Chris David. Who?
355- Ryan Ludwick. Who?

Great pack. Hoping to open more soon.

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