Sunday, March 15, 2009

2009 Valley Forge Card Show


It was a great show today, and I walked away with lots of cards. Among the older ones

1981 Traded Bobby Bonds
1982 Nolan Ryan and Don Sutton both on the Astros
1988 Traded Lee Smith with the BoSox. BOOOOOOOO!
1989 John Smoltz rookie.
1990 Nolan Ryan
1992 Frank Thomas and Bo Jackson both on the White Sox.

I also got a sweet numbered card of Dave Winfield, numbered to 550.

In addition to that, I got a ton of rookies

2002 Bobby Jenks
2003 BJ Upton and Johnny Gomez
2004 Zach Duke
1992 Draft Pick Jason Kendall
1992 Coming Attractions Jim Edmonds
AND...the icing on the cake...
1992 Top Prospects.
Manny Alexander
Alex Arias
Wil Cordero
and some kid on the Braves named CHIPPER JONES!!!!

In addition to that, a Philly favorite Dickie Noles was signing autographs, and I happened to be around at that time with his rookie card. Long story short, I now have something to brag about.

If that wasn't enough, my friend Dan (who also has a blog) came along with me and he got some even sweeter swag. I beleive he got rookies of Josh Hamilton, Mark Texiera, Pat Burrell and others.

All in all, it was a great show. Expect a new I love the 70's coming tomorrow, and a post about Gimmick #7 coming tonight.

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