Saturday, May 9, 2009

Card Show (Notice how I didn't say Sweet Swag)

I went to another card show today. It was much smaller than the last one, and because of that, I didn't get much. Fortunately, I got some stuff from the 10 cent bins. A lot was from UD 1995.

2004 Topps Jose Mesa
Placido Polanco
Vincente Padilla
Andy Pettite All Star
1996 UD Dennis Eckersley.
I got most of these card because they were either on different teams than I know them on or they were just good players. Eck was on the Cards.
1995 UD-

170- Deion Sanders. On the Reds, and he's just a Rarity.
178- David Cone. Good Player.
218- Armando Benitez Rookie. It's his rookie!
222- Jason Giambi Rookie. I like him!
89- Darryl Strawberry. On the Giants and Great Player.
97- Man-eee-hee-hee Ramirez. Back when he was on the Tribe
96- Jim Thome. Back when he was on the Tribe.
95- Dave Winfield. Wait a sec- raise your hand if you weren't on the Tribe!
98- Goose Gossage! GOOSE! And it's his last card, and he's on the Mariners.
107- Paul Molitor. Back in his days in Toronto, I mean, Le Jays.
65- Mark Grace. Great player.
45- Fred McGriff. CRIME DOG!
16- Lee Smith. Back when he was on the Angels.
20- Bo Jackson. My dad is smiling.
30- Rickey Henderson. I am smiling.

In addition to that, THE PACK GUY WAS THERE!!! I ended up with a pack of 01 and 02 Topps.

Let's start with 01

283- Rick Bottalcio. Who?
85- Bill Meuller. Meuller...Meuller...FRYYYYEEEE?
92- Scott Karl. These cards have the little O-Pee-Chee inspired box that says "Traded to..."
15- Jim Thome. MORE! MORE! MORE!
120- Jorge Posada. KEEP GOIN!
Glistening Gold Sammy Sosa. NO WHAMMY, NO WHAMMY!
377- Golden Moments Mark McGwire. WOOOOOO!
365- Ooh, a rookie mix. Ty Howington, Josh Kalinowksi and Josh Girdley. Ugh.
358- Draft Picks. Mike Stodloka and Sean Burnett. Sigh...
383- Golden Moment of...Roger Maris, who I already have.

2002 Topps
612-Darrin Fletcher. Past Phillie.
512- Denny Hocking. Who?
652- Marlins Team Card. Look how pleasant they are. That was when they WEREN't kicking our asses in the World Series.
674- Mike Hill Rookie. Who?
701- Omar Vizquel Gold Glove. That's it!
585- Miguel Tejada. Back when he wasn't lying.
520- Robby Alomar. GOD!
488- Hideki Irabu. Hey, didn't we get this guy last time?
681- Nick Alvarez Rookie. Who?

Okay packs, Good picks. It was an alright show, and I just found out that the Moorestown group will be back in July.

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