Friday, May 1, 2009

The Rundown 1996- the Rookies

Number 16- Ben Davis
I've never heard of this guy. And I'm starting to think that no one else has either. Why might you ask? I have his rookie card...from 2001.

Number 17- Juan LeBron
Never heard of this one either. Says he was an Outfielder for the Royals. Hmmm, maybe he got the minor treatment because of the other two outfielders- Johnny Damon and Carlos Beltran.

Number 18- Tony McKnight
Nope, no knowledge of this Astro. He was a pitcher, which is surprising because there really wasn't that much going on in the rotation in 1996.

Number 19- Ryan Jaroncyk
Again, I don't know. This guy was a shortsop for the Mets, which proves the many setbacks they had before Reyes.

Number 20- Corey Jenkins
This is like the year that no one rookied. Corey was an outfielder for the Red Sox. He stopped playing when he realized he was playing for the Red Sox.

Number 21-Jim Scharrer
No name known. Played First Base for the Braves. I don't think Dayf knows who this guy is.

Number 22- Mark Bellhorn
Finally someone I know. This guy was a utility guy for a few teams in the late 90's early 00's

Number 23-Jarrod Washuburn
Someone else I know. Jarrod was a good pitcher that we were supposed to try and get at the start of last season, but we chickened out of.

Number 24- Geoff Jenkins
Now we're talking. Geoff was an awesome outfielder for the Brewers and Phillies.

Number 25- Sean Casey
Even better. This recent retiree played for a bunch of teams, and he was still an awesome player.

Number 26- Brett Tomko
Seattle traded Ken Griffey Jr. for this guy. Shame on them.

Tomorrow, I'll get into a few regular cards

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