Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Rundown 1996- Cards 27-30

Card 27- Tony Fernandez
Tony was on the Yankees in 1996, which is surprising because I've never heard of him being on the Yankees. He was on the Blue Jays for a while until 1990, where the Bule Jays played tag with Fernandez and he ended up wandering around baseball, with stints on the Padres, Mets, Reds and Yankees. After 1996, he went to the Indians, until he returned to Toronto in 1998, and after a short stint with the Brewers, back again in 2001, before his retirement.
Chance of getting into the hall of fame- 40%- If he's lucky.
Card rating- 5. Shot of him making a play has some action to it, but not too much.

Card 28- Rich Becker
Rich was on the Twins when the card came out. Rich was a rookie in 1996 with the Twins, and not much had happened before. Not much happened after either. In his last three seasons, he was a nomadic machine, having 1/2 season stints with the Orioles, Mets, Brewers, A's, Tigers and A's again.
Chance of getting into the Hall of Fame- Zero. No one knows who this guy is.
Card Rating- 7. Another action shot, but it's in mid catch. Great card.

Card 29- Andujar Cedeno
Who? Says here that he was a Padre. Andujar was with the Astros for a few years until he flip-flopped around, going to several teams in his last few years.
Chance of Getting into the Hall of Fame- Zero. Again, no one knows this guy.
Card rating- 6. Elegant shot of him running to the base from the front. Pretty good.

Card 30- Paul Molitor
Now we're talking. In 1996, Paul was with Toronto, I mean LE JAYS! But the Hall of Famer has more history than that. Paul made his debut in 1977 with the Brewers. Paul and Robin Yount soon fought for the BEST BREWER EVER competition (That might soon be taken over by the World's Fattest Vegetarian), but in 1993, he signed with Toronto, and in 1996 he signed with the Twins, before his retirement in 1998.
Chances of getting into the Hall of Fame- 100% The fact that he IS in the Hall of Fame helps.
Card rating- 8. Nice shot of him going in for the swing.

I might get a few Target packs today, so be prepared.

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