Thursday, June 4, 2009

2009 Upper Deck Series...ONE!

Well, as you can see by the title, I still can't find any Topps or UD Series 2.

Fortunately, I got a pack of UD Series 1, one that I haven't gotten much of lately

Let's rip

60- Jeff Smarty Pants. One of the best Cubs prospects...and one of the most hard to pronounce names in the MLB
32- Ramon Hernandez- Now on the Reds, sporting a facemask on a Topps card
4- Dan the Man Haren- He and Brandon Webb have big shoes to fill after the Big Unit moved to San Fransicso
130- Gary Sheffield. Now on the Mets
193- Chad Billingsley. This pack is on a roll!
142- Jeremy Hermida. Can I stop?!?!?
429- Fernando Perez- Who?
444- As Team Leaders
Travis Snyder Rookie Debut.
420- Casey McGehee. Whoho?
452- Braves Leaders. Yawn
270- Ian Kennedy. EPIC FAAAIL!
253- Oliver Perez. Mets are lucky.
287- Jack Cust. This guy used to be walking around the MLB with a suitcase wanting to play everywhere. Now he's with the A's
322- Barry Zito. The A's dealt this one off to the Giants- not the first time!
305- Matt Capps. Insert your own joke here.
339- Kenji Johjima. Ichiro's second banana before Griffey came along.

2nd Compartment

67- Geovany Soto. Nice player!
58- Jason Bay. Someone the PIRATES gave up.
16- David Eckstein. ECK!!!
163- Mike Aviles. No MSPaint messups here. Bravo, UD.
128- Edgar Renteria. Now on the Giants, I beleive
191- Supermanny Ramirez. Why you lie, Man Ram?
476- CC Sabathia Checklist (GASP) ON THE BREWERS! AAHHHHHH!
410- Will Venable. Who?
Chris Lambert Rookie Debut- I VOTED FOR ADAM!
466- Derek Jeter! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
231- Kevin Slowey. I need someone whose Quickey
214- Ryan Braun. I might have this one
248- Moises Alou. Meh.
282-Mark Ellis. NOOOOOOO!
373- Marlon Byrd. AUUUUUGGGGHHH!
356- Yadier Molina. Pujols' second banana.

Overall, great pack. Can't wait for series 2

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