Friday, June 19, 2009

2009 Topps Series 2 Cereal

The Series 2 just keeps coming. This week, I got a Target cereal box, Lou Gehrig on the frong. Good luck charm if it's a yankee. On the front of the clear pack of cards, there's Gio Gonzalez, and on the back is Kerry Wood.

Let's rip

522- Gio Gonzales. Nice prospect gotten in the Haren trade
496- Charlie Manuel. Ahh, good old Charlie
448- Jeff Clement. That's a stinky Jeff
371- Jeff Francis. And there's a good Jeff
334- Blake DeWitt. Have him
575- Clay Kershaw. Have him
588- Dontrelle. Have him
530- Felix Hernandez. Have him
What follows is 10 cards of crap I do not want to talk about
495- Eric Chavez. Awesome
645- Paul Maholm- Dahhhhhhh
372- Rickie Weeks. Decent player
422- Hank Blalock. Nice player
491- Paul Bako. Dahhhhhh
524- Free Andy LaRoche
605- Rick Ankiel. Good player
348- Tony Pena. Dahhhhhh
374- Kevin Kouzmanoff. Pretty good player
WBC Adrian Gonzalez. Nice player
Legends of the Game Robin Yount. Wow
Turkey Red Jose Reyes. Awesome
And a double of the same Topps Town Granderson I have
456- Jason Kendall. Back on track
365- Buherle bird gets the worm
356- Ervin Santana Regular
382- Silly Mo-Fo Pena.
424- Jorge Campillo. Dahhhhh
498- Kyle Davies. This pack is really killing me here
556- Brendan Ryan
413- Ruben Gotay
419- Braden Looper
468- Derek Lowe! FINALLY!
633- David Patton.
What follows is a series of sucky doubles
341- Willy Taveras. ON THE REDS!
368- Trevor Hoffman- ON THE BREWERS
558- Edgar Renteria- ON THE GIANTS!
355- John Smoltz- ON THE RED SOX! BOOOOO!
619- Chris Carter. Dahhhhhhh
504- Feliz Pie- ON THE ORIOLES
441- Andrew Bailey. Dahhhhh
471- Kerry Wood. Great end to an okay pack.

My only chance for redemption is my Chrome Refractor, which judging by the rest of this pack, might be a double. Only one way to find out

Heh, no comlaining there. This tops off a pretty good pack, where you can only espect me to find some more out there soon

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