Wednesday, June 10, 2009

2009 Topps Series 2 (Again)

I got another pack of series 2, this time not a cereal box, juts a little two pouch pack. Ryan Howard on the front, which means my luck will get better

Let's rip

525- Jimmy Rollins. Already this pack is off to a good start.
565- Jose Lopez. Bleh
641- Jesse Litsch. Who?
659- Torii Hunter. One of the best outfielders of the past decade
345--Steven Drew- Bleh
548- Danks again
545- Matt Garza again
601- Combo
It's a career best auto of Akinori Iwamura. Not a very good player, but a great card.
Speaking of the best luck in the world, 445, Joe Nathan GOLD NUMBERED!
Topps Town of Kosuke Fukudome. NICE!
553- Jeff Karstens! HAH!
482- Jason Jaramillio. Some rookie.
595- Vernon Wells. HEY!
557- Jayson Werth! WHOA!
513- Bronson Arroyo! WOOOOOO!
478- Jose Molina- Dahhhhhh
444- Jody Gerut. Dahhhhhhh
344- TOWLIE!!!!

Compartment 2

393- Alex Cintron. Meh
460- Nick Markakis. This is an outfielder sweep!
538- Carlos Guillen. Whoo-hoo!
349- Justin Masterton. Dahhhhhh
450- Hanley Ramirez! YEEEAAAHHH!
466- Wilson Betemit. Oh, come ON!
434- Combo crap
576- Another Wakamatsu.
Turkey Red Grady Sizemore. WOW!
503- Carlos Gonzalez. Gotten in the Holliday trade.
373- Joe Martinez. Who?
363- Jhonny Peralta. This guy is so bad, he can't even spell his first name right!
432- Wlademir baldjadjfjjoasjfiuihai
509- Lou Montanez
603- Jose Reyes. WOOOO!
625- Jim Thome. AWESOME!!!

Well, I'd say this was an awesome pack break, even though I got a lot of crappy base cards, I still got my first pulled auto. So it wasn't all a miss

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