Sunday, June 7, 2009

2009...Topps...Series 2...2 boxes of Cereal...series 2

Thank you, Bob Sheppard

Well, I went to Target today, and I found the last 2 boxes that the store had, and luckily I am about to break them. Blake DeWitt is on the front of one, while Talyor Teagarden is on the front of the other. Dewitt goes first

Let's rip

334- Blake DeWitt. Meh
575- Clayton Kershaw. YEAAAHHHHH!
566- Dontrelle Willis. I don't know how he'll rebound
530- King Felix of Hernandez. WOOO!
440-Fausto Carmona. Just got sent down to the minors.
388- Humberto Quintero. Who?
622- Kurt Suzuki. We will never see this man's is always being covered by a catcher's mask.
535- Ryan Doumit
611- Jeremy Hilary Boob- Jeremy Hermida. (I hope SOMEONE gets that Yellow Submarine Reference)
639- Corey Hart. Surprisingly, might be beaten by Corey Feldman AND Corey Haim!
375- Carlos Quentin. Why did the D-Backs give this guy up?
400- Alfonso Soriano. Hard to believe that this guy was traded to get A-Rod
402- Nick Blackburn. Who?
476- Edinson Volquez. Nice pitcher.
531- Frank Fransisco. Not as good as Cal California.
519- Dioner Navarro. I used to have a piece of his bat.
582- Yunel Escobar. Who?
602- Carlos Gomez. Good so far...
620- Ryan Zimmerman. Awesome player.
346- Mike Cameron. Am I crazy or did this great player already get a Series One card.
654- Brian Schneider. Him instead of Estrada? Sigh...
608- Cristian Guzman. DC fans think he's good- I feel sorry for Chris Harris when he goes up there.
521- Dana Eveland. And the crap-fest rolls on!
483- John Lannan. I prefer George Harrasan.
436- Ryan Theriot. Sigh...
362- Luke Montz. Who?
At this point in the pack, the inserts come in.
356- Ervin Santana Gold. WHAAAAA! YEESSS!
Frank Thomas Legends of the Game- Wait! This guy isn't even done playing yet! Even so, awesome...
Josh Hamilton Turkey Red. YESSSS!
Daisuke Topps Town. WOOOO!
537- Anthony Reyes. And now, beack to the crappy circus of Base Cards.
510- Ryan Ludwick...
469- Michael Cuddyer. Keep it up...
423- Melvin Mora. Keep going...
364- Kevin Millwood. AWWWWW!
350- Pedroia. BOOOOOO!
369- Matt Harrison.
401- The ghost of Tony LaRussa. Seriously! He looks awful on this card!
653- Nick Evans
333- Some combo card
396- Alex Cora
477- Josh Willingham
579- Rocco Baldelli. BOOOOOOO!
387- Adam Everett
658- Rick Porcello. WHAT IS UP?
486- JJ Putz. WHOA!
474- Franklin Guttierez. Sigh...
616- KOJI UHERA!!!!!!!
342- Gerald Laird.
416- Josh Whitesell
427- Brain....bleh!
446- Matt Holliday. ON THE A'S! Dun-dun-dun-dun-dun
429- Mike Hampton. ON THE STROS! Dun...Dun...Dun!
408- Ronny Paulino...ON THE MARLINS! DUN DUN!!!!
505- Scott Olsen- HEY!
And our first refractor. Dun...dun...dun
Thurman...Munson...DUN DUNNNNNN!

Our second pack-

412- Taylor Teagarden
445- Joe Nathan
507- MELK!
546- Matt Cain. Bleh...
337- Bobby Jenks. DA SOX!
453- Javier Valentin
563- Fransisco Cordero. Nice player
607- Jarrod Washburn. Ugh
443- Gavin Floyd.
480- Prince Fielder. What a player.
562- Cecil Cooper. Not Cecil Fielder, though.
578- Adam Kennedy
618- Brandon Backe. When looking at this card, I hurt my Backe.
517- Kevin Fransden. Bleh
464- Bobby Cros-COME ONNNN!
533- Darin Erstad. All Right...
560- Adrian Beltre. Getting better.
612- Joel Pinero.
447- Freddy Sanchez.
646- Chris Ianetta. Ugh!
590- Johnny Damon! WOOOOOOO!
502- Yovani Gallardo. You see what this kid's been doing?
421- BJ Ryan
Some WBC card of someone I've never heard of.
Smoltzie Legends.
Topps Town Granderson
399- WANDY!
376- RAJAI!
600- Jake Peavy. Wow, 400, 500, and 600 in the same pack!
623- Aaron Hill
497-Clint Hurdle. Heh, heh, heh, Clint!
459- Brian Bannister
523- Brandon Morrow.
633- David Patton
597- Randy Wolf. Good pitcher
536- Khalil Greene. Heh!
403- Trevor Cahill. Nice prospect.
637- Donald Veal. Most likely to be eaten by Prince Fielder.
499- Edwin Moreno
593- Kenshin Kawakami. Good prosepct.
591- Elivs Andrus.
479- Brad Nelson
657- Aaron Heilman
414- Cha Seng Baek
466- Wilson Betemit
434- Combo Crap
576- Wakamatsu
548- Danks for the memories
545- Matt Garza
601- Crap combo

The refractor is...
Nolan Ryan

Wow, great packs which can only mean that there's more coming.

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