Saturday, October 17, 2009

Card Show- Whole Lotta Swag

Yeah, I went to another card show. Luckily, I finally got my hands on some UPDATES AND HIGHLIGHTS!!!! Here are some of the awesome cards I got from this set-

81- Mark Texiera All Star
87- Jake Peavy. This is another studio shot. Hastily assembled by Topps, probably
89- Phil Hughes. There has to be a reason why Topps didn't put Hughes in the base set.
100- CC Sabathia- This is the card I have waited the entire year for.
130-Randy Johnson Highlight
170- Jason Giambi- Now on the Rockies.
174- Omar Vizquel. Is he a hall of famer? Maybe.
202- Angel Berroa. Heeyyyyy, he should be on the Yankees!!!
200- Randy Johnson. What a career.
209- Andruw Jones.
234- Mike Sweeney. Is this guy a Hall fo Famer? No.
236- Kris Benson, the man with 1000 injuries
247- Lastings Milledge. How does it feel to go from the 2nd worst team in Baseball to the worst team in baseball??
250- Mark Texiera. The other card I have waited all year to get.
263- Matt Holliday, who should be the 2010 starting outfielder for the Yankees.
276- Brad Penny, now on the Giants
282- Victor Martinez.
302- Casey Kotchman.
309- Scott Posednik.
326- Nate McLouth. Who would've thought that this guy would be a Brave?
230- Freddy Sanchez
142- Jorge Posada Highlight. I still need his base card for my regular set.
111- Livan Hernandez. Now on the Nationals.
115- Jeff Weaver.
117- Alex Rios.
92- Edwin Encarnacion.
85- Joe "Whatever happened to me" Crede
90- Orlando Cabrera. Speaking of sore losers...
76- Scott Rolen.
57- Juan Uribe. I also need this guy's regular topps card.
45- Brad Ausmus.
29- Rich Hill
25- Orlando Hudson
8- Lance Broadway
1-Ivan Rodriguez, whose card is a total waste because he is not in a Ranger outfit.

I also got a few Early 2000's Topps packs. First, here's the 2000 Topps.

69- Dave Nilsson.
71- Tim Raines, who I had no idea he was playing in 2000.
47- Shannon Stewart.
72- Brian Jordan. Double-sporter
29- Darrin Fletcher
3- Wade Boggs' last card.
151- Scott Williamson
115- Paul O'Neill.
87- Bobby Higginson.
15- Derek Jeter. YEEEEAAAHHHH!
122- Edguardo Alfonso.
121- Todd Zeile
Mark McGwire All Star Insert
Andruw Jones 21st Century Topps.
Tony Gwynn 20th Century's Best, which I might have.

348- Strikeout leaders
22- Dave Mlicki
56- Eric Young
147- Ben Sheets, who I have
106- Jay Gibbons, who I have
96- Alex Gonzalez
63- Andy Ashby
89- Mike Matheny
233- Derrek Lee
Troy Glaus Record Breaker

527- David Wells, who I have
458- ANOTHER Bobby Higgonson
556- Tony Clark
590- Felipe Crespo
559- Jim Parque
655- Larry Walker
496- Scott Downs
453- Russ Ortiz
610- Bill Haselman

Well, pretty good card show finds. I'll have a custom Card up tonight.

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