Friday, October 30, 2009

How it all happened

I was in Yankee Stadium last night, for the game, getting Ice Cream with my dad. We were just getting back, and Texeira was up. The moment we walk downstairs, we see Texiera hit the homer and we got absolutely wild, ice cream everywhere and everything.

Let's just say I was a little excited. I mean, my team's hero just hit a tying homer and the homer that would eventually lead to the 3-1 win. I was quite happy back there

Needless to say, it was a great game. Forget about being late for the train (which I was), it was still a hell of a game

So how do I follow up such a great game?

How about 4 Packs of Updates and Highlights that I shamelessly nabbed from the stadium just because I felt like it?

Let's rip-

Pack 1-

164- Brett "I was traded for Ken Griffey" Tomko
35- Tom Gorzellany. Yeah, on the cubs. But still kinda ugly
229- Kevin Millar on the Blue Jays
329- Curtis Granderson All Star
237- Dustin Pedroia All Star
81- Mark Texiera all star.
Legends of the Game Paul Molitor... on the Twins
Russ Martin Topps Town
279- Ross Detwiler, who sounds like a character from Animal House
99- Kevin Gregg. Okay, granted, Cubs collectors might want this one. But really, he's just a releiver. He's no Mariano Rivera
83- Emilio Bonifacio
97- Juan (Not Fidel) Castro

Pack 2-
70- Wilkin Ramirez
7- Brayan Pena
41- Xavier Paul
87- Jake Peavy, and I have this one.
98- Hanley Ramirez All Star
265- Justin Morneau All Star
281- POOOOOOUK All Star
Turkey Red of...TY COBB. Wow. This is a good one.
Matt Cain Topps Town. Okay, Topps really has to retire this set next year.
101- Nick Green
309- Scott Posednik, and I have this one.
88- Jim Leyland Tony LaRussa

Pack 3-
84- Gerardo Parra
172- Tyler Greene
204- Brian Barden
16- Brian Buscher
187- Ryan Franklin All Sta- LOOK AT HIS BEARD!
239- George Sherrill. Yeah, on the Dodgers.
320- Some combo card of Rookies
Roger Maris Legends of the Game...on the Cardinals
Jorge Posada Topps Town.
290- Jason Michaels
146- Juan Cruz
126- Matt Tolbert

Pack 4-
311- David Huff
62- Russel Branyan. He was on Three teams in 2007. That proves how sucky his career is.
64- Alex Gonzalez
113- K- Rod All Star
186- Zach Grienke All Star
318- Carl Crawford All Star
Turkey Red Jorge Posada. YEEEAAAHHH!
Mariano Rivera Topps Tow- THIS PACK IS AWESOME!!!
326- Nate McLouth on the Braves
328- Matt Palmer
267- Miguel "How am I still playing" Cairo
294- Josh Anderson. That is a nice shot.

Okay, so it was a great game, and the packs are here to show it.

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