Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I finally got some Chicle today (4 packs was all they had, but still), and I also got some Heritage, which we'll start with

Pack 1-
11- Adam Wainwright
374- Brad Hawpe
90- Ex Philadelphia Prospect Gavin Floyd
Holy Crap...it's a chrome #to 1961...of Brian McCann. And this photo kinda makes him look like dayf
Flashbacks- 23rd amendment
194-Joey Votto
WSMVP 2005 Jermaine Dye

Pack 2-
166- Ramon Hernandez
87- Juan Uribe
215- Derek Jeter!!!
322- Michael Dunn
Flashbacks- Frank Robinson
370- Mark Reynolds
269- Edgar Renteria
Mantle Thing

Chicle Pack 1-
Honus Wagner Regular
Juan Pierre
Carlos Beltran
Javier Vazquez. The one Yankee I get, and it's F%^%&*^&* VAZQUEZ???
Tris Speaker Modern...he actually looks cool on the Indians.
Josh Hamilton

Pack 2-
Luke Scott
The David Price is wrong, bitch!
Adam Jones
Michael Cuddyer
Michael Cuddyer Bazooka back!!! The regular and the short print!
Jono Broxton

Pack 3-
Hey, Waddaya know, it's Albert Pujols
George Sisler regular
Brent... Dlughjdfljadkj
Jed Lowrie
Bob Gibson...Bazooka back!
Denard Span

Pack 4-
Johnny Bench
Madison Bum
Adam Moore
Hey, it's Thurman on the modern Yanks.
Carlos Quentin

I like this set- a lot of cool pictures and fun short prints. I gotta get more!

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