Saturday, May 7, 2011

2011 Gypsy Queen- Yeah, I have some too

I know Gypsy Queen's been sweeping the blogosphere, because of its awesome inserts, retired stars, and good design. So I figured, why not get some. I ventured to the local Bullsye Enthusiast Superstore (Better known as Target), and got 2 of those 3 packs and a bonus ones.

Pack 1-
1- Ichiro. Great first pull of a set.
26- Adrian Gonzalez. Whenever I think of people calling him A-Gone, Harold Ramis comes to mind.
252- David DeJesus. Former Royal who's close to getting somewhere (read: nowhere) with another ballclub.
279- Josh Thole. Could his name just be Josh Sole, and he was just saying it with a lisp?
Thurman Munson Mini
Future Stars of Neftali Feliz. Future? He's a star now, Topps. Hate to break it to you.

Pack 2-
137- Ricky Romero, suddenly making Toronto baseball relevant
110- Todd Helton, The Mountain Man of the Rockies
224- Drew Stubbs
Sticky Fingers of Ivan Rodriguez. I will blame blindness and being housed under a rock if this man is denied by Cooperstown.
Michael Young mini
310- Jon Garland. Proof that the LA Team is going downhill- this guy is a relied upon starter.

Pack 3-
82- Starlin Castro. If he made the cover of Sports Illustrated, he's bound to be good, right Oil Can Boyd? Nah, I'm kiddin. Starlin'll be great.
140- Shawn Marcum. I must ask not only who he is, but what he is doing in Gypsy Queen.
295- Phil Hughes. Down with a case of AJ Burnett syndrome this year.
David Eckstein Sticky Fingers. Relevancy questioned on this one. Eck's past his prime.
Tommy Hunter mini
Konrad Schmidt rookie.

Pack 4 (All Green Cards)-
86- Prince Fielder Green Border.
15- Matt Kemp Green Border
58- Dale Murphy Green Border. That'll attract the bigger bloggers.

Pack 5-
97- Stan Musial. When I was a kid, I thought his name was Stan Musical. But no, he's tougher than that.
126- Billy Butler. In 2007, we thought Alex Gordon would be the star, and Butler the washup in AAA. Boy, were we wrong.
242- Joba Chamberlain. Back in 2007, we thought Joba would be the star, and Phil Hughes the washup. And...we were sorta right.
Wall Climbers of David DeJesus...on the Royals. Holy Continuity Error, Batman!
James Lonely, oh so Lonely mini.
The Great ones of Frank Robinson. He fits the billing.

Pack 6-
60- Rogers Hornsby
88- Robinson Canooooo!
226- Geovany Soto. Rookie of the Year. I just want that to sink in a little.
One of those actual Gypsy cards. Trash
Andrew McCutchen mini
A Home Run heroes of Jim Thome...on the Phillies! That's a good use of past unis.

Pack 7-
60- Rogers Hornsby again
88- Robbie Cano again
161- Aramis Ramirez.
139- Raul Ibanez. Who woulda thought this guy's star power would rise once he hit Philly.
Scott Kazmir mini
Future Stars of Desmond Jennings. Yeah, he'll probly be a star in the future.

Pack 8 (All Green Cards)-
64- Josh Hamilton Green Border

Overall, this seems like a really nice set. If I get comfy with it, I might try to collect it like Chicle.


  1. I'll trade you a CC green border for the Koufax green border.


    I'll throw in some other Yankees, too, and some CYMTO needs (if I have any)?

  2. Sure Night Owl. Should I throw in the Kemp green border I pulled?

  3. Yeah, I think I need that one too. I'll send you an email (if I can find your address) Friday.