Saturday, May 14, 2011

Custom Card of the Day: Bruce Edition

You know, if you squint a little bit, you might mistake this for an actual 1974 card. And if you squint a little at the Reds this season, you might think it's 1974 again. Players like Votto, Bruce, Phillips, maybe Rolen and Hernandez are making the same team that was close to last a few years back eerily similar to the Big Red Machine this year. And Jay Bruce has always been a big part of it. I made a Bruce custom last year, and the card I photoshopped happened to have a All Star logo on it. Even though Bruce wasn't an all star, I still felt it was fitting. He's an all star in Cincinatti all right..

Coming Tomorrow: An up-and-coming rookie for a down-and-out team. I made this one especially for a fan a few weeks back, and tomorrow I post it on the blog.

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