Friday, October 7, 2011

Defeat Again

It sucks to be a Yankee fan when everybody wants you to lose. Last night, Alex Rodriguez was the goat for us, and couldn't seem to even hit the damn ball. I'm a little mad at the team right now, because we HAD IT. We were very close, and now we've been knocked out first round. By the Tigers, of all teams. It feels embarassing.

It's not to say that the team won't overcome. Hell, we might sign some free agent pitchers, trade for some new pitchers, and make sure our aging stars are backed up. We should have gone farther than this. And it pisses me off.

For the next month, my hope rests on Philadelphia.


  1. I thought you had it with Jeter's long fly to right. Three more feet?

  2. As a Los Angeles Lakers fan... I feel your pain. Whenever you root for a team, who is known for winning championships... and also "buying" their championships... you're going to have fellow fans and a ton of "haters".

    All of the teams I support are your typical "hot" and "cold" teams... who suck some years, but also have good years too. It's fun to cheer for these teams.

    What I have noticed over the past 7 to 10 years is that it's less and less enjoyable to root for the Lakers, because they're expected to win or at least go deep into the playoffs ever year. Which is why as soon as the lockout ends, I'm going to support my local Golden State Warriors. They suck, but it's exciting when I watch them play. I'll still like the Lakers... and Kobe is still my favorite player... but it's time for a change.

    Sorry about the long post... and sorry for your loss. I'll be honest though... I was one of the "haters" out there that just wanted to see the Yankees lose. But at least you can say your team made it to the playoffs. The A's and the Padres haven't seen the postseason since 2006 ;-)... but they're fun to support.