Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It could happen

For the second year in a row, the Yankees have found themselves a few games into a series, without a lead. It happened last year in Texas, and it's happening now with Detroit. While I will not agree that Detroit is the better team, I will say that to go out in the first round would be pretty terrible. And yet it could happen. Last year, we were hoping to get to the World Series, but for some reason Texas was better than us.

This also might be the second year in a row that I'll have to live with the Yankees not making the World Series. Because it could happen. The Tigers could advance, with the help of Justin Verlander and 4 other pitchers that aren't very good. But we have the hitting, and we have the bullpen. In all theory, the Yankees should be leading this series, but the Tigers have just simply been getting ahead.

The Tigers are leading the series because of luck alone. Sure, they have a great #1 pitcher, and they have good hitters like Miguel Cabrera and Alex Avila. But with all due respect to any Detroit fans, they shouldn't be getting this far. They're not a sound team like the Yankees are, and I hope this fact eventually dooms them.

The bottom line is that I'd personally like the 2011 Yankees to start playing like the 2009 Yankees. In the same vein, I'd personally like the 2011 Tigers to play like the 1997 Tigers. Which ultimately gives away the outcome I'm hoping for.

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