Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Kuroda Edition

This has been a crappy week to be a Yankee fan. First they land in fourth place again, then A-Rod gets faced with a pending suspension, and now Jake Peavy has just been shuttled to the Red Sox (in exchange for their only prospect worth giving a crap about). Thankfully, they didn't get our closer, so it's all good.

One of our best pitchers this year, because CC's slumping, is Hiroki Kuroda, and I'm so thankful he's doing so well. It's one of those things where he's in his late 30's, and he's still pitching like he's young. Bartolo Colon would be proud.

Still, I'm glad he's doing so well for the Yankees, and I'm glad that he's giving the spark that the Yankees need to keep the Blue Jays in last.

Coming Tonight- I forget who, but sometime today is gonna be a review of all the big trades. Jake Peavy, Alfonso Soriano and some other trades will make the list.

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