Thursday, July 25, 2013

Football Rip for the Masses: Part 1: Triple Threads

So yesterday, I set up my big-time contest/anti-group break/football giveaway thingy for this year, which consists of four boxes I received recently, scaling the heights of football card buyership from basic (flagship Topps) to vintage (Topps Archives) to premium (Panini Totally Certified) to ultra-premium (Topps Triple Threads). Today, I'm gonna start with the most premium, so we can get it out of the way for anyone winning to sweep in here for the cards.

Submitted for your approval, 2012 Topps Triple Threads:
Two packs, but two packs full of numbered base cards, and mojo hits in every pack. I should probably get into this one quickly.
Pack 1:
Base cards: Wes Welker, Dan Marino, Troy Polamalu, all numbered to 989. It says a lot when even the base cards are numbered.

Hit Number 1: for the Cardinals, a rookie swatch of Michael Floyd (sorry for the bad quality), and it's numbered to 36. I only wish that Michael Floyd was actually someone I had heard of. Still, if anybody likes Michael Floyd and/or the Cardinals, say something in the comments.
While only slightly more impressive, out second hit was at least a rookie I had heard of. For the Colts, rookie T.Y Hilton, a game used/auto numbered to 99. At least this one's slightly better, though it is a rookie, which Topps sorta brings in droves when it comes to game used. Still, if there are any takers, go right ahead.
Two more numbered cards round out the pack. Jason Pierre-Paul is numbered to 310, while DaMarco Murray is numbered to 99. And it's two teams I can't stand, too.
Pack Two:
Base Cards: Antonio Gates, Hakeem Nicks and Brett Favre, all numbered to 989. It's very weird to see Brett Favre in a Vikings jersey. Like, they know he played for another team, right?
The first hit of pack two is a gigantic swatch of David Wilson, of the Giants. Okay, this is very funny because about a month ago, I ripped a box of Archives football, and my hit was a David Wilson game used. Well now, here's my second David Wilson game used card. And I don't even collect the guy!
Of course, it wouldn't be a Topps product without one of those nasty redemptions. I've never gotten one of these before, so I'm new to this experience, but I see that it's a Dwayne Allen, which makes this the second Colts relic of the box, which is kinda nice.
Beanie Wells is numbered to 170, and Steve Johnson is numbered to 310. Two solid players to round out the packs.
So that's 1 box out of 4, and there go 4 mediocre but still high quality hits. If anybody wants anything shown in this post, it's all up for grabs. Remember, there's more stuff I'm showing off in the next few days, so keep watching. 


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  1. Not a bad box. TY Hilton is a promising young WR (think next R. Wayne) and D. Wilson should have the starting RB spot all to himself this year in NY.

    That said, I'd be interested in either of those cards, plus the Favre and Steve Johnson.