Sunday, November 15, 2009

2009 Sears Crapfest

While getting a needed appliance at Sears, I wondered if the place still sold cards. So Iwandered over to the register, and lo and behold, crappy repack boxes right in front of me. But hey, it's cards, so why not.

I'll just report on the highlights

1988 Fleer-
Braves sticker. Yee-haw.
Denny Martinez. Hey, what's this. A small bitemark on the left side? Who would do such a thing- better go get the stake.
Ed "More chins than a Bruce Campbell convention" Lynch.
Hey, waddaya know, it's Jeff Montgomery's Rookie.

1988 Topps
Tony Gwynn
Tony Gwynn All Star
Eddie Murray

1990 Topps
Sandy Koufax Turn Back the Clock

1990 Donruss
Robin Yount
Mark Grace

1989 Score
Fred Lynn
Mark McGwire
Fred McGriff

2006 Fleer
Derrek Lee
Paul LoDuca
Tim Wakefield
Miguel Tejada, who according to this card, works at the Lumber Company. Also, works at Balco.

1990 Upper Deck
Doc Gooden
Julio Franco Checklist
Reggie Jackson 500 Home Run

2006 Ultra
Richie Sexson Home Run, which looks like a game used but isn't
Lucky 13 Paul Wilson. NOW WHAT THE-
Lucky 13 Rickie Weeks
Diamond Producers of PROOOOONK
Darin Erstad

1997 Collector's Choice
Star Attractions Die-Cut of Juan Gonzalez
Darryl Strawberry...ON THE YANKEES
Wilton Guerrero Rookie
Eddie Murray on the Angels
Andy Pettite
Tim Salmon
Albert Belle on the White Sox
HOLY CRAP! It's something damn close to ANDRUWJOOOONES' rookie!
And because any late 90's pack wouldn't be complete without him, Ken Griffey Jr.

1993 Leaf
Orel Hershiser
Mike Piazza
Frank Thomas
Another Juan Gonzalez
and Robin Yount

1998 Score
John C3POlerud (I'm sorry Chris. It was right there)
Jeff Kent
Mark Grudzielanek
Eric Davis
Johnny Damon
Mo Vaughn

Okay, that wasn't the best way to spend ten bucks, but I got something damn close to Andruw Jones' rookie, and Jeff Montgomery's rookie.

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