Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dollar Store Bust of 2008 Timeline

I looked in the Dollar Store today, because everyone else has been finding cards. All they had baseball-wise was 2008 Timeline. Oh, well, sweet set anyway

Let's rip

Pack 1-
23- Matt Kemp
5- Johan Santana
41- Justin Verlander
95- This is a nice one. Yashika Yubata rookie.
163- Joe Mauer
198- Josh Hamilton DIE CUT

Pack 2-
10- Chase Utley
36- Jim Thome
9- Hey, wadaya know, it's Texiera on the Angels!
27- A-Rod
68- Ryan Blackburn rookie
136- David Ortiz

Pack 3-
17- NOW WE'RE TALKING! Ken Griffey on the White Sox
1- Jose Reyes
37- Grady Sizemore
71- ROSS F^%^%&^% OHLENDORF!!!
Yankee Stadium Crapload of Tommy Heinrich
145- A-Rod

Pack 4-
19- Prince Feilder
28- Derek Jeter
46- Torri Hunter
111- 92 UD Elijah Dukes
189- Glen Perkins
275- Hideki Matsui Timeless Teams

Pack 5-
18-Ryan Bruan
45- Vladdie
50- Erik Bedard
120- Jonathan Van EVERY FREAKIN GAME?
1- Jose Reyes again
289- Jake Peavy timeless teams

Okay, I hope to get back there when they have better packs, but this is a good product.

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