Sunday, November 29, 2009

White Plains Show Grabs

I have returned from the dark recesses of Westchester. I happened to have a family gathering around the area of the White Plains show, so I thought "why not?" and went to the show. No I did not see this guy, but I beleive I saw his profile. And no, I'm not stalking him.

Yes, I did pick up some cards

Diamond Kings-
2002 Roger Clemens
2003 Mark Prior, Mike Piazza, Barry Bonds,
2007 Ozzie Smith
2008 Tony Gwynn, Greg Maddux, Mike Schmidt

The Old Topps-
1973 Luis Aparicio (for a quarter!!!)
1975 Rich Gossage, Gaylord Perry
1976 Phil Niekro, Gary Catrer, Lou Brock,
1977 Dennis Eckersley
1978 Rod Carew, Dave Winfield
1979 Johnny Bench, Lou Brock, Dave Winfield, Steve Carlton, Willie Stargell, Jim Palmer, Rod Carew
1980 Rod Carew
1981 Steve Carlton
1984 Jim Palmer
1985 Steve Carlton, Tom Seaver
1986 Carlton Fisk
1989 Traded Nolan Ryan

The Rookies-
1995 Bowman Jorge Posada
1996 Topps Nomar Garciaparra
1998 Bowman Miguel Tejada
1998 UD something Magglio Ordonez
1999 Topps Pat Burrell
2001 Topps Travis Hafner
2003 Donruss Champions Brandon Webb, Shane Victorino, Hank Blalock, Adam LaRoche, Brandon Phillips, Angel Berroa, Orlando Hudson, Jack Cust
2003 Donruss Chone Figgins
1994 Pinnacle Derrek Lee
2001 UD JJ Hardy, Jeremy Bonderman
2004 Topps Carlos Quentin.

Great show, even better swag

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