Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The 2011 Sellsheet- What I think

Because it's early, and I'm feeling better, and I gotta post something, I'm going to review every insert on that sellsheet for next year's Topps.

Those Diamond Anniversary Paralells- Not likin em. Sure, they look nice, but there's a snowball's chance in hell that anybody'll ever get one.

Topps 60- Mixed. Wow yet another insert set chronicling the best of current and former players. Sounds a hell of a lot like Peak Performances, eh? But still, looks like a decent idea.

Kimball's Champions- Not liking them. I've never been a fan of minis. So another insert with a bunch of minis, not on my favorie things list.

60th Anniversary Reprints- Mixed. Yeah, this insert set should be retitled "Night of the Living Cards your mother threw out". Seriously, it's the exact same concept, only I think there are different cards (least I hope so).

Diamond Duos- Mixed. Legendary Lineage, Act II. This is like Lineage, only with cool matchups. Looks okay.

The Lost Cards- Liking Them. Seem like a good idea, filling the gaps on the early 50's sets. Just one problem- what about everything else. I'd love to see a 1983 Don Mattingly card, or a 2007 Nomar Garciaparra card (or 08 and 09 in that matter) or maybe all those final tributes us customizers have wanted so much for certain players.

History of Topps- Mixed. History of the game, Act II.

Pre-52 Reproduction Cards- Liking it. Looks like a cool concept, cards from before Topps. That outta please the Babe Ruth fans.

Diamond Giveaway- Liking it (somehow). I know, it's another way for Topps to get rid of all those cards from the Million Dollar Giveaway, but this comes with its added perks- cards with actual diamonds in them, and die cuts that can only be achieved through the site. Sounds like an interesting concept.

The Return of Toppstown- Liking it. Just as long as they bring back the every card opens 10 cyber cards thing from this year.

Overall, looks like a down year for Topps. 2001 had so many interesting inserts, and now Topps is just repeating itself.

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