Wednesday, September 29, 2010


For the 2nd year in a row, both my favorite teams (The Yankees and the Phillies), have garnered a playoff spot. The Yankees did it last night, with CC's 21st win (Does winning 20 games still mean anything anymore?). The Phils did it a few nights ago, with a spectacular win. Does this mean it could be another Yanks-Phils World Series? I don't know.

The Reds and the Rays also clinched. The Rays, I ain't too happy about. Sure, they're no Boston, but they're like an annoying little sister who won't stop bothering you with her drawings (which thankfully, as an only child, I have yet to experience). And if this means that the Yankees will have to play the Rays, I won't be any happier.

The other divisions I don't care as much about. I'm just hoping the Giants clinch the NL West, just because since I saw them play a few months back, they've really resonated as a good team. And for Thome's sake, I hope the Twins clinch, and I hope Jim Thome can retire on a good note. Or he can keep playing, whatever he feels like.

All I know is this going to be one wild October

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