Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Custom Card of the Day- Mig-Cab Edition

Sorry I couldn't post yesterday- Blogger was against me and couldn't let me upload a picture. I was pissed, but I still posted the card today.

Miguel Cabrera was having a monster 2010 even if his team wasn't. He basically outshone everyone on the team whose name didn't rhyme with Shmaustin Shmackson. And that alone is noteworthy. I mean, when he and Dontrelle Willis came to the Tigers a few years back, the expectations were "Aw yeah. They're gonna take them to the World Series, and then they'll be awesome". Sadly, their 2008 season sucked.

Now, out of the 2 guys that came to Detroit from Florida, one is playing in the minors in San Francisco, wondering where the hell it all went wrong, and the other is playing beautifully for the Tigers. Even if they're not.

Coming Tomorrow- I gotta go make some more customs. Tomorrow's will probably be a certain Yankee outfielder (Whose name isn't Granderson), who's been crushing the ball lately.

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