Friday, December 31, 2010

2010- The Year in Review

As everyone is getting ready to close out their 2010, I find myself doing so on a strange note. 1/3 of my family (which in a 3 person family, is just my dad) is really sick while the other 2/3 are trying not to get sick themselves. I've suddenly become addicted to football cards while 9 cards short of the FB ToppsTown set. There is a possibility I might be going to Dallas at the end of January (For what, you'll soon find out), and of course, that the year 2011 looks so damn promising (Roadtrips are in the making that will send us to Pittsburgh, Cleveland and DC just for baseball). But first, we must look back at the last 12 crazy months.

This was the year that Topps was the only card company out there in terms of Baseball. And this was also the year that their base set rocked, the inserts were awesome and a few of the retro products were pretty damn good.

This was the year that my favorite show ended, and even though the creators promised to do so, they didn't answer a damn thing.

This was the year that Topps put out dozens of shortprints, one or two gimmicks...and cards of Mickey Mouse and Abe Lincoln.

This was the year that I answered a friend's request, and ventured to a Phillies-Twins game at home, in which the Phils won, and the fans treated a returning Jim Thome with applause.

This was the year that I became hooked on National Chicle. I'm still a few cards down, and I'll probably be posting a wantlist soon.

This was the year that, on television, Russell lost for no reason, Fabio won, the Event was a little less than that, Dexter's kid turned one, and Sheldon and Amy are still going out. But you people don't care about televison.

This was the year that I ventured to San Francisco for a Giants game, and to Los Angeles for a Dodgers game. Both were excellent expiriences, even though the home team won only once.

This was the year that I became addicted to football cards. I'd collected a few packs over the years, but this was the year the addiction became a apparent.

This was the year that Brett Favre retired, then came back, then got hurt, then kept playing, then missed a game, then got a concussion, then got fined for sending a woman know. All in all, it wasn't a good year to be Brett Favre...even though he's probably gonna be playing for another 10 years.

This was the year that the top wobbled. You could see it, it was going to stop spinning. Everyone in the theater knew it was going to stop. But we never found out. Damn Christopher Nolan.

This was the year that after seeing the Giants get hot in July, I saw them rise and beat the Rangers in the world series. And that felt good.

This was the year that I became addicted to ToppsTown. After completing the baseball virtual set, I went back to complete the football one. You come for the redeeming, you stay for everything else.

And finally, this was the year that both my teams, even if they were favored to win in the playoffs, were bested by teams that shouldn't have won. No matter how awesome that pitching staff is...they still lost.

The good news is that next year looks to be even better. I just know it.

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  1. What would you be if you were attached to another object by an inclined plane, wrapped helically around an axis?


    I almost had a trip to San Diego in August that would have had me attend my first game in which the Phillies beat the Padres. In 2011, that is one of my goals, attend a major league game (hopefully the Phils).
    2010 is the year that saw me become addicted to baseball (my grandfather would be proud).

    and yes, this year looks like a great year.
    HapLEE New Year!