Sunday, December 5, 2010

Offseason Minute

I haven't had a lot of time to address the following signings, so I'll report on them now.

Jeter resigned with the Bombers for 3 years and a ton of money. I feel safe knowing my hero's back where he belongs. I just can't see that guy in any other uniform. Not even Philly.

Jose Lopez has been traded to Colorado. Seattle fans everywhere go into a collective "Meh".

I already reported that Adam Dunn signed with Chicago. Good for them. AJ Pierzinksi resigned with Chicago. That's nice.

Juan Uribe signed with the Dodgers. They do need some power in the lineup, since I didn't see any when I saw them in July.

Lance "Fat Elvis" Berkman has signed with the Cardinals. Eh...he wasn't too good for us anyway. I guess St. Louis better enjoy the guy.

I'm not gonna make this official yet, since the trade hasn't been completed, but Adrian Gonzalez might be going to Boston. This isn't very smart, since they already have a fine first baseman, and he can hit, but are they just doing it for star power, for hits? In that case, why bother? You already have a bunch of excellent hitters- why ask for more?

And finally, and this is a headscratcher- Jayson Werth signed a 7 (!!!) year deal with the Washington Nationals. And to Washington, I say this. Enjoy Werth. He is one of the most fun to watch outfielders you're ever gonna see. Plus, he looks like a mountain man. So now that you're lost Adam Dunn, at least you have a new superstar in Washington. Enjoy him.

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