Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The ToppsTown Experiment: Part Two

Months ago I explained my quest to complete ToppsTown's 230 card Baseball Virtual Set. And it worked, and the ToppsTown Experiment post was my most ever viewed post. But last month, I recieved in a box from Topps, a Hobby Box of Topps Football. In every pack, 1 TT card. That means 36 TT cards per hobby box. For a month, I didn't do anything with them. Last night, however, I figured...let's give this ago.

Instead of a 230 card virtual set for Football, there's a 172 card set. And I happily entered my codes one by one until all 36 were entered. By the end of the night I had 139 cards successfully uploaded, not including countless amounts of doubles (I got 5 copies of Kevin Kolb. What did I ever do to deserve this?). Today, I began trading, helplessly.

Of course, like the baseball project, most traders on the site wanted to rid me of the only copy of Matt Hasselbeck or Brett Favre, for players that I already had. Screw the cards that I needed- who cares about that. All those stupid people want is Brady, Manning, Peterson, Favre.

This morning, and as of right now, I have 146 out of 172. I have a little bit more to go, but if those stupid teens keep pushing to rid me of Troy Aikman, this Topps Town Experiment will go down as a failure.

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  1. What's your name on Topps Town? I have a lot of doubles, triples, quadruples, etc.... I'll look for you and see if I can help.