Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The one Free Agent signing they got right

While the 2010 World Series was all about the Cinderella Giants, what everybody cared about was a pitcher on the opposing team. Cliff Lee, who pitched fire against my Yankees in 2 games of the ALCS, would be a free agent in 2011. Meaning that once San Francisco raised the coveted trophy...all hell would break loose. And break loose it did, in maximum proportions.

The main war was between the Yankees, where the pitching staff almost caved in due to injuries, and the Rangers, whose pitching staff really couldn't survive without him. It was either gonna be one of them...or somebody else would come in by surprise. And the diehard fans of both teams didn't really want that.

Meanwhile, in my school filled with Philly fans, no hope was lost. Many people were pissed about Werth (One person said they shoulda just traded Ibanez), and the outfield situation had them in a bind. But hope still rose. I think it was a few weeks ago that I, under the mindset that this probably wouldn't happen, said "Wouldn't it be nice if Lee signed with us again?" And that rose our spirits. If that did indeed happen, we'd have the best pitching staff in the MLB, let alone the NL. As unlikely as it was, the prospect was indeed enlightening.

And this morning, like a miracle occured, Cliff Lee returned to the team he made October with. And all of my Philly based friends can be happy every night when they see Halladay, Hamels, Oswalt, Blanton and now Lee, pitch fire down to home plate.

Thanks Cliff, and welcome back.

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