Friday, January 13, 2012

Absorbed Collection: The Results

I hinted earlier in the week that I had obtained a bin containing a bunch of cards trusted with my ownership. After several hours I leafed through everything in there. And believe me, there are some pretty awesome things in there.

Basketball pulls:
A heaping mess of Michael Jordan cards. And I mean a heaping mess.
Two different Alonso Mourning rookie cards- 1993 Upper Deck and 1992 Fleer. Both are awesome.
Michael Jordan 1989 Fleer. Not his rookie, but still a semi-vintage card of the Airman.
Two different Shaquille O'Neal rookies. This got me excited. I got a 1992 Classic and 1992 Fleer version. I also obtained a rookie of Shaq from my grandfather 5 years ago, so this makes 3.
A mess of 1994 Upper Deck. Most of the binder was made up of this set. Lots of David Robinsons and Muggsy Bogues'.

Football Pulls:
Too many Reggie White cards. Seriously. I believe I had approximately 0 Reggie cards before. Now I have an estimated zillion. This guy really, really liked Reggie White. I don't blame him. In the 80's and 90's he WAS Philadelphia football.
Subsequent bevies of the other Philadelphia stars, such as Randall Cunningham, and yes, the late Jerome Brown, who could have been a Hall of Famer. Great haul for an Eagles fan, like myself.
Rookies of Lito Sheppard, David Akers, Sheldon Brown, and yes, Brian Dawkins. Tons of Dawkins rookies. Even..
A Brian Dawkins game used card. I gasped.
Game used cards of Larry Johnson, Fred Taylor, and numbered cards of Frank Gore and a numbered rookie for Rashard Mendenhall.
A lot of 80's stuff.
THE Brian Dawkins rookie: 1996 Stadium Club. Oh yes.
1982 Ronnie Lott. Yes my friends, this is his rookie card. It's in a screwdown.
1987 Topps Charles Haley rookie.
1988 Topps Bo Jackson. Rookie. If he hadn't gotten that injury, this would be a hundred dollar card. Cause it's in a screwdown in good condition.
Cards of Joe Montana, Deion Sanders, Dan Marino, Barry Sanders and...Christian Okoye?

Baseball Pulls: (This is where it gets kinda awesome)
A lot of 1991 Topps. Which is great, cause now I can try chasing the set.
Rookies I already had, such as Tom Glavine, Barry Bonds, Barry Larkin.
Rookies of Jeff Bagwell and Luis Gonzalez.
The 1986 Donruss Fred McGriff rookie. Sweet.
1978 Tom Seaver. Had this one.
A set of Tastykake Phillies legends. Carlton, Schmidt, McGraw...and oddballs like Kruk, Abreu and Dykstra.
Way too many David Justice cards. You know, if he turned out the way everyone thought he would, I'd be a rich man. I already own a mint, cased Minor League card of the man, and now I have tons of his other cards. It's too bad he didn't pan out.
1980 Topps Reggie Jackson. Nice.
A few 2002 Topps Post cards, featuring a design similar to 2010 Topps.
And now, the three big ones.
1964 Topps Willie Mays. In a thick protected toploader. In decent condition. In my hands. Oh my gosh. You should have heard the wail when I found this one. It was monumental. But that ain't all.
1992 Topps Baseball's Best Dale Murphy...autographed!!! SERIOUSLY! AND HE'S IN A PHILLIES UNIFORM AND EVERYTHING! IT'S AWESOME! I actually found this while flipping through a few cards in this set, and at first I didn't notice it was auto'd. It's awesome. But it's not the most awesome autographed card in the lot.
1991 Don Mattingly Upper Deck...autographed. Oh yes. He may not be a hall of famer, but he defined the Yankees in the 1980's, and now I have his autograph. Booyah.

So that's basically it. I will definitely be enjoying these cards. I also might theoretically be filing the basketball cards.


  1. If there's any Mariners cards in there you don't want or need, let me know. I'll give them a good home.