Monday, February 15, 2010

The Great Million Card Scam

I'm calling it- the Topps Million Dollar Giveaway cards will not give you greats like Ichiro, Campy and Yaz.

A few clues.

1. Dayf has noted that the entire page is filled with 89 topps. Smooth.
2. WhiteSoxCards has noticed a 92 Leaf Omen on the page.
3. "Card to be unlocked isn't necesarily the one pictured"

Either way, I will try it out a bit later, and you all will be the 2nd to know (I'll be the first) if this Million Dollar Giveway is destined for the bottom half of a certain year end award post.


  1. WHOA. Your title image is like, freaking me out, man.

  2. I don't think many people expected much from the beginning. It's fun and basically free, so I'll enter my codes to see what's up. Ya never know, right? Not like you HAVE to pay to redeem them if you don't want any.