Monday, February 1, 2010

2010 Topps Series One Retail Box Break

Aw yeah. I'm back in Jersey, ripping packs and I just glanced at the Exclusive Patch. It's Lou Gehrig from the 1937 World Series. Life is good

Pack 1-
13- Melvin Mora. Now in Colorado
81- Ryan Theroit
66- Kyle Phillips
1995 Mike Piazza- This card, my mom probably threw it out. I still don't have the card to this day.
Ricky Nolasco When they Were Young
ToppsTown of SuperAwesomeJapaneseInsertKingHIIIIIYAAAA (Ichiro
250- Mark Teixiera

Pack 2-
304- Adam LaRoche
248- Jason Kendall
222- Grandy Throwback
A Cool HISTORY card of the 1st ever Baseball Game
Justin Verlander When they were young
Vladdie ToppsTown
50- Zach Grienke
113- Willy Taveras

Pack 3-
59- Kevin Gregg
110- Andrew McCutchen
68- Brandon Inge
322- Travis Buck
102- Twins Team
Willie McCovey Turkey Red
ManRam ToppsTown
170- Jason Bay

Pack 4-
255- Chris Davis
133- Freddy Sanchez
131- Some Sucky BoSox Rookie
HISTORY= Babe Ruth Retires
ANOTHER Vladdie ToppsTown
111- Ty Wiggington
290- O-Hud

Pack 5-
114- Chris Ianetta
48- Joey Votto
154- Pedro Feliz (I love how they play Feliz Navidad every time he came up to bat. They usually killed the music at "Feliz-"
Cobb and Granderson Legendary Lineage
ANOTHER Ichiro ToppsTown
201- Tigers
158- Not Drunk Jeff Niemann
252- Ronny Cedeno

Pack 6-
330- Brandon Allen
52- Billy Butler
92- Eck
Gold Numbered Dodgers History (OOOOOOHHH!)
Halladay Peak Performances
MigCab ToppsTown
256- A crappily photoshopped Akinori Iwamura
130- Vladdie

Pack 7-
286- Vazquez, now on the Yankees
1961 Roger Maris- Not thrown out, but I don't have it
OY! Hank Greenberg Turkey Rd
Eva Longoria ToppsTown
107- Scott Hairston
211- Kelly Schoppach

Pack 8-
323- Jim Thome, now on the Twinkies
266- Humberto Quintero
199- Mariners
1974 Dave Winfield- Not thrown out, I have it.
Peak Performers Curt Schilling
Ryan Braun ToppsTown
89- JA Happ

Pack 9-
234-Rays Franchise
3- Derrek Lee
11- Orlando Cabrera
299- Gary Sheffield
32- Reds Team
Duke Snider and Andre Ethier
Halladay ToppsTown
213- Ricky Nolasco

Pack 10-
278- Carlos Delgado
86- Summers Eve Meches
Tales of the Game- REGGIE! REGGIE! REGGIE!
Big Mig ToppsTown
53- Craig Counsell
144- Rich Harden
208 Tim Wakefield

I am quite satisfied. I got Reggie, TexMex, Stretch and Feliz Navidad, but I also got YOOOOOOOOOOUK.

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