Thursday, February 25, 2010

First Ever Trade...with Baseball Dad

A few days after I put out my plea for some Yo Momma Cards, I got an email from Baseball Dad, saying he had some he didn't need, and he'd throw in a few Yankees "off his dartboard" I offered my assorted Topps inserts and Indians, and away I went.

Now, a week later, the results-

3 Cards from the Babe Ruth 100 year set from 1995.
1989 Fleer Rickey Henderson. I don't believe I have this one.
2001 Golden Moments REGGIE! REGGIE! REGGIE!
MORE REGGIE! 1987 Turn Back the Clock.
2010 Mark Teixiera Turkey Red. That is what I like seeing.
2009 Goodwin A-rod. I didn't have this one, and it's a damn cool card.
2010 Legendary Lineage of The Iron Horse and Mark Teixiera
2008 Wal Mart Portraits of Joba Chamberlain. ALL RIGHT!
2008 SP Authentic of Chien Ming Wang, the man whose fanbase includes my dentist, and the country of Taiwan.
2008 Allen and Ginter Mariano Rivera. Did not have this one.
Some 2008 Bowman Prospects
2008 Opening Day DEREK JETER!
2008 A Piece of Cra- I mean HISTORY! Of Joba Chamberlain
2008 UD Masterpieces (Weren't we just talking about this) of SANDMAN!!!
2008 Bowman Johnny Damon, who has since packed his bags for Detroit
2008 Timelines Derek Jeter and A-rod

And now the Yo Mamma Cards-
1959 Bob Gibson
1965 Juan Marichal
1970 Steve Carlton
1989 Gary Sheffield
1998 A-ROD (She actually threw this one out!)
2008 Tim Lincecum

And the icing on the cake...

2009 Allen and Ginter Relic of CC Sabathia!!!

From an Ex CC town to the current one. That is nice.

I think that trading is going to be the centerpiece of this blog's future. Because this turned out really, really well.

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  1. Glad you liked the cards! I'll be getting your end of the trade posted this week-end. It was just as great! I've done a lot of trading with a lot of bloggers over the last 1 1/2 years and most everyone seems very generous and pretty soon they're like old friends!