Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The verdict on the Million Card Hullabaloo

You've all sen it, not just on my blog, but every activ blog in the blogosphere. Millions of collectors logging their codes into a slow moving sites, and getting back either crappy 80's and 90's cards, or 60's and 70's cards of people that you've never heard of unless you buy their barbeque sauce (That's right, Boog).

I got some pretty good cards, two of which I actually had, and the other two are genuine classics (Not the 1993 Chiamparino, he sucked). Others aren't getting much more. In fact, a few of the bloggers were impressed by the crap they got (Nobody got a Bip Roberts- I am thouroughly suprised about this)

My verdict- I think it's okay. True, it's not giving me anything to write home about, but at least if I get more, i'll see if I can get anything better.

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