Sunday, February 7, 2010

When the Saints go marching in

Oh when the Saints
Go marching in
Oh when the Saints go marching in...
Oh, I'd hate to be in Indiana
When the Saints go marching in

When Tracy Porter
Runs down the field
When Tracy Porter runs down the field
Peyton's pants, were probably crap-filled
When Tracy Porter ran down the field

Oh when the Colts
bonk off the goal
Oh when the ball bonks off that goal
It was probably greased by Archie
When the ball bonked off the goal

Oh when the Who
Are inable to sing
Oh when the Who just cannot sing
It sounded like the dying breath of an Orca
When the Who just couldn't sing

Oh when the Colts
Are favored to win
They will always pull a Favre
That means whenever 30 million people are on you
You get the bad case of the yiiiippps

Oh when the blogger
Has hit his peak
By doing bad renditions of songs...
I'm just glad I'm not a traded
Or I would've been bipped by now...

What a super bowl. The underdogs came from behind to beat the Favored contender. Just like on Survivor

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    Its all for a good cause!