Friday, February 26, 2010

Yet Another 2010 Topps Cereal Box

I already looked at the Guaranteed Refractor, and it's HONUS WAGNER. Nice.

Here we go...

188- Joe Blanton
87- Darin Erstad
49- Jorge De La Rosa
2- The Rookie Card of the year
114- Chris Ianetta.
48- Joey Votto, hidden behind the other young star, Jay Bruce
303- Chris Snyder
29- Aubrey Huff
60- David Wright
11- Orlando Cabrera. Now on the Reds
13- Melvin Mora- now on the Rockies
81- Ryan Theoit
176- Yovanni Gallardo
267- Cito Crying
35- Rick Porcello
128- Garrett Mock
315- Scott Kazmir...ON THE ANGELS
275- JA Happ NL ROY...wait, that's just how I imagined it. Chris Coghlan NL ROY
228- Chris Pettit
222- Grandy
92- ECK!
286- Javier Vazquez, on on the Yankees
86- The Mechebag
131- Some sucky BoSox rookie
33- Adam Moore
296- Braves
194- Neil Walker.
120- POSADA! OH YEAH! I got it before Night Owl did!
10- Clay Kershaw, speaking of Night Owl
167- Padres
198- Marlins
History- Nolan Ryan's 7th No-Hitter
ANOTHER McCovey Turkey Red
Tales- red sox jersey
Roger Maris Peak
Johnny Damon When I grow up
Andy MacCutchen ToppsTown
185- Matsui
74- Casey Blake
230- JoBro
271- Jermaine Dye
319- Ryan Franklin
200- Roy Halladay
17- Dexter's Lab
150- Joe Mauer
44- Howie Kendrick
61- Skip Schumacher
96- Jon Garland, now with...uh, who cares
178- Kerry Wood
83- Badly photoshopped Mark Teahen
Ryan Church

Good pack. (Sorry I'm in a hurry. Cheeburger Cheeburger awaits).

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