Saturday, August 7, 2010

How I learned to stop worrying and go to the National

I haven't posted in ages, mainly because of a vacation, but also because my computer, the one that has photoshop on it, is in the shop. I'm using the family laptop, which isn't as good, since it doesn't have photoshop.

Of course, not a lot is going on this week. A-rod hit his 600th Homer, but nobody cared. All the bloggers aren't writing much, cause half of them are up at the National.

Now, onto the basis of the post. You see, I wasn't originally planning to head to the National. Sure, it's a giant Card Show, but it usually takes more than one day, and I like card shows where I can just go for a few hours. I did go to Comic Con, and I couldn't conquer the ground floor in a day, and Comic Con is the National for geeks.

I was up at a friend of my dad's place a few weeks ago, who's a big time collector. Mainly, he collects ticket stubs. But he's always had a soft spot for cards (He gave me a few Yankees when I was over, including a 1981 Kellogg's 3D Reggie Jackson). He told us that he and his wife would have a booth at the National is August, and he explained that we HAD to go, and it's AMAAAZING, and it's UNLIKE ANYTHING WE'D EVER SEEN

So my dad and I considered it. We wouldn't go for the whole week, but we'd pick a day over the weekend, take the 2 hour drive out to Baltimore and go for a day. And needless to say, I was into it.

So tomorrow, despite missing the first few days, I will be heading out to the final day of the National. I may not have time to go to every booth, but it's the biggest card show in the world.

And yes, loyal Mint Condition fans, Custom Cards will be coming as soon as my computer gets back from the Betty Ford clinic for computers, Best Buy.

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