Thursday, August 12, 2010

...And that ends Unexplained Haitus #274

In case you haven't figured it out by now, I'm back at my old computer, in my own house. I've been in Englewood NJ for the past week (Don't ask me why. It has to do with a Travolta), and I'm so relieved that I'm home. Unfortunately, I have to go back on the road on Saturday to start my final vacation of the summer, to Lake George NY.

Those of you who have stuck with my blog since last year may remember when I ventured to Lake George in 09. I do it every year. Every year, I go back to the same card shop (I just hope it's still around), and purchase $2 mix packs. What the shop owner does is he rips packs over the years, splits his findings up into the mix packs, and the cards are paired with other treasures that he pulled.

The only cards seen in the mix packs are on the sides. It could be a Braves pack (Chipper/Andruw), it could be a Yankees pack (Jeter/Posada or A-Rod), it could be a Mets pack (Reyes/Wright), hell, he could do a Japanese pack (Ichiro/Matsui), or a Albert Pujols fun pack. Each year I get many different mix packs, and add them to my collection (Unless they just can't fit, or if it's a card of Carl Pavano. You had your chance to play for New York, you just Steve Blassed on us!)

Oh, and the customs will be along for the ride. I'll be cranking some out tonight, since Yadi up there was my last one from before the All Star game.

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