Friday, August 27, 2010

Manny's going WHERE?

I originally thought this didn't have to be news, but once it became official, and once I realized this was Manny Freaking Ramirez, I had to bite.

Former Red Sock and supposed steroid abuser Manny Ramirez was claimed off waivers by the White Sox (Every time a waiver deal is completed, a Topps designer gets a heart attack). This bodes well for the other 4 teams in the NL West, and the Yankees, but is less good for the Red Sox, Dodgers and the other 4 teams in the AL Central.

Since Manny is still healing apparently, he won't play against the Yankees this weekend (A sigh of hope). I do, however, wish the other 4 players that Chicago has in the DH position good luck, for playing time will cease once the dreadlocked Manny resumes being Manny.

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